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Acronyms You Should Know for Competative Exams

Abbreviations and acronyms
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Useful Acronyms to know if you are preparing for any Recruitment or entrance exam:

Common Abbreviation and Acronyms you Should know for Competitive exams preparation. Various Railway terms, Banking acronyms, Government Departments, Indian, International organizations, political parties, Technical terms, courses, Country names, Organizations, Universities, Companies, Brands and Educational institutions full name that are useful for various Government and Entrance Exams.


  1. 1A: First class Air-conditioned
  2. 2A: Air-conditioned 2-tier sleeper
  3. 2S: Second-class Sitting
  4. 3A: Air-conditioned 3-tier sleeper
  5. 3G:  Third Generation

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  1. AEOI: Atomic Energy Organisation Of Iran
  2. AE: Automatic Emergency
  3. AFTC: Audio Frequency Track Circuiting
  4. AF: Afghanistan
  5. ASEAN: Association of South East Asian Nations
  6. ASLV: Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle
  7. ASSOCHAM: Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  8. ART: Accident Relief Train
  9. ARTS: Advanced Railway Ticketing System
  10. AC: Alternating Current
  11. AAP: Aam Aadmi Party
  12. AD: Anno Domin
  13. AU: Australia
  14. ABCP: Asset Backed Commercial Paper
  15. AFI: Annual Financial Inspection
  16. AAFI: Amateur Athletics Federation of India
  17. ACC: Associated Cement Company
  18. ACE: Association of Consulting Engineers
  19. AIMA: All India Management Association
  20. ALH: Advanced Light Helicopter
  21. AAA: Asian Athletics Association
  22. ASCI: Administrative Staff College of India
  23. AASU: All Assam Students Union
  24. AE/AEN: Assistant Engineer
  25. AEC: Accident Enquiry Committee
  26. AIMSCS: Advanced Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
  27. ANMI: Association of National Exchanges Members of India
  28. ACU: Asian Clearing Union
  29. AML: Anti-Money Laundering
  30. AICC: All India Congress Committee
  31. AIR: All India Radio
  32. ADEE: Assistant Divisional Electrical Engineer
  33. AP: Andhra Pradesh
  34. ADME: Assistant Divisional Mechanical Engineer
  35. AIBEA: All India Bank Employees Association
  36. AJT: Advanced Jet Trainer
  37. AITMC: All India Trinamool Congress
  38. ANC: African National Congress
  39. APEC: Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
  40. ADF: Augmented Dicky Fuller
  41. ASER: Annual status of Education Report
  42. AMFI: Association of Mutual Funds in India
  43. AAI: Airport Authority of India
  44. AGP: Asom Gana Parishad
  45. ADR: Asset Development Reserve
  46. ABM: Anti Ballistic Missile
  47. AD: Ano Domini
  48. AERB: Atomic Energy Regulatory Board
  49. AIR: All India Radio
  50. AIR: Annual Information Report
  51. AITUE: All India Trade Union Congress
  52. ASWAC: Airborne Surveillance Warning and Control
  53. ATS: Anti Tetanus Serum
  54. AICTE: All India Council for Technical Education
  55. AMU: Asian Monetary Unit
  56. ADRs: American Depository Receipts
  57. AITUC: All India Trade Union Congress
  58. AM: Ante meridiem
  59. ACP: Alarm Chain Pulling
  60. ADE/ADEN: Assistant Divisional Engineer
  61. ATM: Automatic Teller Machine
  62. AI: Air India
  63. APEDA: Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority
  64. APSC: Army Postal Services Core
  65. AFI: Athletics Federation of India
  66. AFMC: Armed Forces Medical College
  67. AI: Artifical Intelligence
  68. AT&T: American Telegraphic and Telephone Co. Ltd.
  69. ARC: Administrative Reforms Commission
  70. AIADMK: All-India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
  71. AIFI: All India Financial Institution
  72. ADB: Asian Development Bank
  73. ARP: Air Raid Precaution
  74. ADS: Air Defence Ship
  75. AEC: Atomic Energy Commission
  76. AERE: Atomic Energy Research Establishment
  77. AG: Accountant General
  78. ABS: Automatic Block Signalling
  79. ACD: Anti-Collision Device
  80. AIRF: All-India Railwaymen’s Federation
  81. AS: Accounting Standard
  82. ASM: Assistant Station Master
  83. AG: Accountant General
  84. AGOC: Asian Games Organisation Committee
  85. AHQ: Air Head Quarters
  86. AHQ: Army Head Quarters
  87. ALM: Asset Liability Management
  88. AVJM: Anusheelan Vaichariki Jan Madhyam
  89. ATC: Automated Train Control
  90. AC: Air-Conditioned
  91. ACC: Air-Conditioned coach or class
  92. AICC: All India Congress Committee
  93. AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  94. AIFE: All India Football Federation
  95. AeSIJ: Aeronautical Society India Journal
  96. ACCC: Air-Conditioned Chair Car
  97. ATP: Automatic Train Protection
  98. ANBC: Adjusted Net Bank Credit
  99. AD: Authorised Dealer
  100. AIIMS: All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  101. AIL: Aeronautics India Limited
  102. AIMPLB: All India Muslim Personal Law Board
  103. AIR: All India Radio
  104. ATS: Automatic Train Stop
  105. AVB: Automatic Vacuum Brake
  106. AP: Andhra Pradesh
  107. ABCI: Association of Business Communicators of India
  108. ATS: Automatic Train Stop
  109. AERA: Airport Economic Regulatory Act
  110. AMA: Advanced Measurement Approach
  111. APS: Annual Policy Statement
  112. AP: Arunachal Pradesh
  113. ASLV: Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

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  1. BC: Business Correspondent
  2. BSE: Bombay Stock Exchange
  3. BE: Budget Estimates
  4. BIS: Bank for International Settlements
  5. BoP: Balance of Payments
  6. BCP: Business Continuity Planning
  7. BASI: Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India
  8. BTC: Bankers’ Training College
  9. BA: Bachelor of Arts
  10. BFSI: Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  11. BOI: Business Optimism Index
  12. BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India and China
  13. BC: Before Christ
  14. BS: Braking in Series configuration
  15. BHEL: Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
  16. BWEL: Bharat Wagon and Engineering Co., Ltd.
  17. BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation
  18. BFS: Board for Financial Supervision
  19. BP: Blood Pressure
  20. BMRTC: Bangalore Metropolitan Rail Transit Corporation
  21. BHS: Bharatiya Hindu Sena
  22. BAFT: Bankers’ Association for Finance & Trade
  23. BPLR: Benchmark Prime Lending Rate
  24. BB&CI / BB&CIR (BBCIR): Bombay, Baroda, and Central India Railway
  25. BCBS: Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
  26. BPT: Bombay Port Trust (MPT)
  27. B2B: Busines to Business
  28. B2C: Business to Consumer
  29. BBS: Bulletin Board Service
  30. BIOS: Basic Input Output System
  31. BIT: Binary Digit
  32. BMP: Basic Management Programme
  33. BSA: Bilateral Swap Arrangements
  34. ASM: Assistant Station Master
  35. BJP: Bharatiya Janata Party
  36. BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation
  37. BIO-TOIL: Biological Toilet
  38. BJD: Biju Janata Dal
  39. B/L: Branch Line
  40. BPS: Blue Parcel Service
  41. BA: Bachelor of Arts
  42. B.Sc.: Bachelor of Science
  43. BCG: Bacillus Calmette Guerin
  44. BD: Bangladesh
  45. BBUNL: Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam, Ltd.
  46. BSL: Block Section Limit
  47. BCCI: Board of Cricket Control in India
  48. BG: Broad Gauge (Railway tracks)
  49. BAMS: Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
  50. BARC: Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
  51. BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation
  52. BTIS: Bio-Technology Information System
  53. BPC: Brake Power Certificate
  54. BCom: Bachelors of Commerce
  55. BVR: Beyond Visual Range
  56. BT: Bhutan
  57. BEML: Bharat Earth Movers Limited
  58. BCR: Bengal Central Railway
  59. BESA: British Engineering Standards Association
  60. BC: Before Christ
  61. BCG: Bacillus Calmette Guerin
  62. BEL: Bharat Electronics Limited
  63. BSP: Bahujan Samaj Party
  64. BFSI: Banking Financial Services and Insurance
  65. BSP: Braking in Series-Parallel configuration
  66. BPT: Bombay Port Trust (MPT)
  67. BPSS: Board for Regulation and Supervision of Payment and Settlement Systems
  68. BF: Business Facilitator
  69. BSR: Basic Statistical Returns
  70. BSNL: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
  71. BOAC: British Overseas Airways Corporation
  72. BREAD: Basic Research Education and Development Society
  73. BENELUX: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg
  74. BIFR: Board of Industrial Finance and Reconstruction
  75. BIMSTEC: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand Economic Cooperation
  76. B.Ed: Bachelor of Education
  77. B Pharma: Bachelor of Pharmacy
  78. BSF: Boarder Security Force
  79. BPL: Below Poverty Line
  80. BPO: Business Process Outsourcing
  81. BPR: Business Process Re-engineering
  82. BPS: Bytes Per Second
  83. BMR: Burma Mines Railway
  84. BCSBI: Banking Codes and Standards Board of India
  85. BRBNMPL: Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited

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  1. CGRA: Currency & Gold Revaluation Account
  2. CD: Certificate of Deposit
  3. CVPS: Currency Verification and Processing System
  4. CSAA: Control Self Assessment Audit
  5. CCEA: Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
  6. COS: Central Office of Standards
  7. CAD: Command Area Development
  8. CAG: Comptroller and Auditor General
  9. CFO: Chief Financial Officer
  10. CHD: Consumer Health Division
  11. CTC: Cost to Company
  12. CARE: Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere
  13. CR: Central Railway
  14. CRIS: Centre for Railway Information Systems
  15. CA&FO: Chief Accounting and Finance Officer
  16. CARS: Central Accounting and Reporting System
  17. CBO: City Booking Office
  18. CLW: Chittaranjan Loco Works
  19. CA: Chartered Accountant
  20. CCIL: Clearing Corporation of India Limited
  21. CASE: Commission for Alternative Sources of Energy
  22. CBDT: Central Board of Direct Taxes
  23. CDC: Consultancy Development Centre
  24. CDROM: Compact Disc Read Only Memory
  25. CDS: Computerized Data Services
  26. CCEA: Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
  27. CCMB: Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
  28. CC: Cubic Capacity
  29. CA: Canada
  30. CBI: Central Bureau of Investigation
  31. C/o: Care of
  32. CC: Chair Car
  33. CCS: Chief Commercial Superintendent
  34. CCTV: Closed-Circuit TV
  35. CDO: Coaching Depot
  36. CLS: Colour Light Signalling
  37. CRAR: Capital to Risk-Weighted Assets Ratio
  38. CEE: Chief Electrical Engineer
  39. CFTS: Chief Freight Traffic Superintendent
  40. CFS: Container Freight Station
  41. CoR: Certificate of Registration
  42. CID: Criminal Investigation Department
  43. CITU: Centre of Indian Trade Union
  44. CHA: Custom House Agent
  45. C2C: Consumer to Consumer
  46. CAD: Com­puter Aided Design
  47. CAT: Common Admission Test
  48. CGI: Common Gateway Interface
  49. CNN: Cable News Network
  50. CRIS: Centre for Railway Information System
  51. CME: Chief Mechanical Engineer
  52. CCS: Cabinet Committee on Security
  53. C-DAC: Centre For Development of Advance Computing
  54. COIS: Coaching Operations Information System
  55. CERN: European Organisation for Nuclear Research known
  56. CAD: Current Account Deficit
  57. Conc.: Concessional fare
  58. CRS: Chief Reservations Supervisor
  59. CT: Control Tower
  60. CFSA: Committee on Financial Sector Assessment
  61. CABE: Central Advisory Board of Education
  62. CACCI: Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce & Industry
  63. CADP: Command Area Development Programme
  64. CCI: Cricket Club of India
  65. COCR: Confirmatory Oscillograph Car Run
  66. COFC: Container on flat car
  67. CCR: Counterfeit Currency Report
  68. CDOs: Collateralised Debt Obligations
  69. CTC: Centralised Traffic Control
  70. CTR: Complete Track Renewal
  71. CP: Commercial Paper
  72. CinC: Commander-In-Chief
  73. CMC: Computer Maintenance Corporation
  74. CSER: Calcutta and South-Eastern Railway
  75. CMC: Calcutta Metro Corporation
  76. CVD: Countervailing Duty
  77. CTI: Central Training Institute
  78. CTU: Centralized Training Unit
  79. CVM: Coupon Validating Machine
  80. CPDO: Centralised Public Debt Office
  81. CAS: Conditional Access System
  82. CASA: Current Account and Savings Account deposits
  83. CCI: Cricket Club of India
  84. CBS: Consolidated Banking Statistics
  85. CAS: Central Account Section
  86. CIS: Commonwealth of Independent States
  87. CIC: Central Information Commission
  88. COFMOW: Central Organization for the Modernization of Workshops
  89. CONCOR: Container Corporation of India
  90. CODs: Central Office Departments
  91. CBI: Central Bureau of Investigation
  92. CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Education
  93. CR: Confidential Report
  94. CDS: Credit Default Swap
  95. CRCS: Central Register of Co-operative Societies
  96. CD: Certificate of Deposit
  97. CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access
  98. CDRI: Central Drug Research Institute
  99. CPC: Cheque Processing Centre
  100. COOIS: Central Organization for Operations Information Systems
  101. CORE: Central Organization for Railway Electrification
  102. CTS: Complaint Tracking System
  103. CA: Concurrent Audit
  104. CRM: Customer Relationship Management
  105. CTC: Calcutta Tramways Corporation
  106. CHOGM: Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
  107. CIA: Central Intelligence Agency
  108. CID: Criminal Investigation Department
  109. CACP: Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices
  110. CBS: Core Banking Solutions
  111. CFMS: Centralised Funds Management System
  112. CBLO: Collateralised Borrowing and Lending Obligation
  113. CCB: Central Co-operative Bank
  114. CTS: Cheque Truncation System
  115. CPIs: Consumer Price Indices
  116. CIS: Commonwealth of Independent States
  117. CISF: Central Industrial Security Force
  118. CITU: Centre of Indian Trade Unions
  119. CDBMS: Centralised Data Base Management System
  120. CPFF: Commercial Paper Funding Facility
  121. CPI-IW: Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers
  122. CII: Confederation for Indian Industry
  123. CM: Chief Minister
  124. CCRS: Currency Chest Reporting System
  125. CLAT: Common Law Admission Test
  126. CMP: Common Minimum Programme
  127. CNG: Compressed Natural Gas
  128. CPPC: Central Pension Payment Cell
  129. CPADS: Centralised Public Accounts Department System
  130. CAMELS: Capital Adquacy, Asset Quality, Management, Earnings, Liquidity, Systems and Control
  131. CPI: Communist Party of India
  132. CPI (M): Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  133. CDR: Corporate Debt Restructuring
  134. CMCPS: Compulsorily and Mandatorily Convertible Preference Shares
  135. CPI: Consumer Price Index
  136. CTR: Cash Transaction Receipt
  137. CNLU: Chanakya National Law University
  138. CNPC: China National Petroleum Corporation
  139. COD: Central Ordnance Depot
  140. CWC: Central Water Commission
  141. CRR: Cash Reserve Ratio
  142. CD: Certificate of Deposit
  143. CFT: Combating Financing of Terrorism
  144. CVC: Central Vigilance Commission
  145. COFEPOSA: Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Act
  146. CPO: Central Passport Organisation
  147. CPRI: Central Power Research Institute
  148. CCC: Central Complaints Committee
  149. CC: Air-conditioned chair car
  150. CPMG: Corporate Performance Monitoring Group
  151. CPI-AL: Consumer Price Index- Agricultural Labourers
  152. CAB: College of Agricultural Banking
  153. CICs: Credit Information Companies
  154. CENVAT: Central Value Added Tax
  155. CSD: Customer Services Department
  156. CMIS: Currency Management Information System
  157. CPI-RL: Consumer Price Index-Rural Labourers
  158. CPIO: Central Public Information Officer
  159. CPI (ML): Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)
  160. CPWD: Central Public Works Department
  161. CRPF: Central Reserve Police Force
  162. CRR: Cash Reserve Ratio
  163. CSIR: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
  164. CGFTMSE: Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises
  165. CPSEs: Central Public Sector Enterprises
  166. CSGL: Constituant Subsidiary General Ledger
  167. CBDT: Central Board of Direct Taxes
  168. CoBoSAC: Corporate Bonds and Securitisation Advisory Committee
  169. C-D: Currency-Deposit
  170. CSO: Central Statistical Organisation
  171. CSTO: Collective Security Treaty Organisation
  172. CTS: Computerised Tomography Scanner
  173. CSF: Consolidated Sinking Fund
  174. CR: Contingency Reserve
  175. CSO: Central Statistical Organisation


  1. DEPB: Duty Entitlement Pass Book
  2. DIT: Department of Information Technology
  3. DAPM: Department of Administration and Personnel Management
  4. DCCB: District Central Cooperative Bank
  5. DGCI & S: Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics
  6. DBS: Department of Banking Supervision
  7. DAE: Department of Atomic Energy
  8. DDT: Dichloro Diphenyle Tri-chloroethane
  9. DFDR: Digital Flight Data Recorder (also called Black box)
  10. DAC: Digital Axle Counter
  11. DEIO: Department of External Investments and Operations
  12. DIG: Deputy Inspector General (of Police)
  13. D.Phil.: Doctor of Philosophy
  14. DTP: Desktop Publishing
  15. DSP: Deputy Superintendent of Police
  16. DAD: Deposit Accounts Department
  17. DRI: Differential Rate of Interest
  18. DEAP: Department of Economic Analysis and Policy
  19. DAP: District Agricultural Plan
  20. DA: Dearness Allowance
  21. DC: Direct Current
  22. DIP: Disclosure and Investor Protection
  23. DIAS: Direct Internet Access System
  24. DIG: Deputy Inspector General
  25. DBT: Department of Bio-Technology
  26. DCPC: Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  27. DoE: Department of Electronics
  28. DoT: Department of Telecommunication
  29. DM: District Magistrate
  30. D. Litt: Doctor of Literature
  31. DOC: Department of Communication
  32. DD: Doordarshan
  33. DMK: Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
  34. DDT: Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloro-Ethane
  35. DLO: Dead Letter Office
  36. DLW: Diesel Loco Works
  37. DSIM: Department of Statistics and Information Management
  38. DS: Disconnecting Switch
  39. DM: District Magistrate
  40. DMK: Dravida Munetra Kazhagam
  41. DNA: Di-oxyribo-Nucleic Acid
  42. DRG: Development Research Group
  43. DMU: Diesel Multiple Unit
  44. DAL: Delhi Avoiding Line
  45. DEE: Divisional Electrical Engineer
  46. D.Sc.: Doctor of ScienceD.Sc.: Doctor of Science
  47. DF: Development Fund
  48. DOART: Deep Ocean Assessment and Reporting Technology
  49. DPAP: Drought Prone Area Programme
  50. DTH: Direct to Home
  51. DD: Demand Draft
  52. DSP: Deputy Superintendent of Police
  53. DPC: Driving Power Car
  54. DPI: Director of public Instruction
  55. DVD: Digital Versatile Disk
  56. DIR: Defence of India Rules Esq- Esquire
  57. DBOD: Department of Banking Operations and Development
  58. DCC: District Consultative Committee
  59. DCW: Diesel Component Works
  60. DF: Defence Quota
  61. DME: Divisional Mechanical Engineer
  62. DP: Duty Pass
  63. DMRC: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
  64. DIC: District Industries Centre
  65. DBFO: Design-Build-Finance-Operate
  66. DLBI: Double Line Block Instrument
  67. DCA: Drug and Cosmetic Act
  68. DDT: Dichloro Diphenyle Trichloroethane
  69. DGCA: Director General of Civil Aviation
  70. DLO: Dead Letter Office
  71. DPCS: Defence Satellite Communication System
  72. DRFL: Depreciation Reserve Fund
  73. DRM: Divisional Railway Manager
  74. DvP: Delivery versus Payment
  75. DCM: Department of Currency Management
  76. DMIS: Document Management Information System
  77. DSB: Designated Settlement Banks
  78. DoT: Department of Telecommunications
  79. DHMU: Diesel Hydraulic Multiple Unit
  80. DMH: Dead Man’s Handle
  81. DRDO: Defence Research and Development Organisation
  82. DRT: Debt Recovery Tribunal
  83. DoT: Department of Telecommunication
  84. DEBC: Department of Expenditure and Budgetary Control
  85. DGBA: Department of Government and Bank Accounts
  86. DICGC: Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
  87. DS: Difference Stationary
  88. DNBS: Department of Non-Banking Supervision
  89. DEMU: Diesel-Electric Multiple Unit
  90. DETC: Diesel-Electric Tower Car


  1. ECR: Export Credit Refinance
  2. EME: Emerging Market Economies
  3. EBT: Electronic Benefit Transfer
  4. EMF: Electromotive Force
  5. EPABX: Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange
  6. EPIC: Elector’s Photo Identity Card
  7. ESOS: Employees Stock Option Scheme
  8. EEA: Exchange Equalisation Account
  9. Etc: Et Cetera
  10. E-MAIL: Electronic Mailing
  11. EMI: Equated Monthly Installments
  12. ENT: Ear, Nose and Throat
  13. EOF: End of File
  14. ERNET: Educational and Research Network
  15. Exp.: Express
  16. E & O E: Errors And Omissions Excepted
  17. ECR: East Coast Railway
  18. EMU: Electric Multiple Unit
  19. EAS: East Asia Summit
  20. ECG: Electro Cardiogram Graph
  21. EEG: Electro Encephalogram Graph
  22. EAS: Employment Assurance Scheme
  23. ECGC: Export Credit Guarantee Corporation
  24. EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer
  25. EOU: Export Oriented Unit
  26. E/A: Extra time Allowed
  27. EC or ECC: Executive Chair Car
  28. EEFC: Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency
  29. EIR: East Indian Railway
  30. ETCS: European Train Control System
  31. EY: Empty
  32. EPZ: Export Processing Zone
  33. ERDA: Energy Research and Development Administration
  34. ESCAP: Economic & Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
  35. EG: Exempli Gratia
  36. ECB: European Central Bank
  37. ECS: Electronic Clearing Services
  38. ELRTS: Elevated Light Rail Transit System
  39. EU: European Union
  40. EOD: End of day
  41. ECIL: Electronics Corporation of India Limited
  42. ECG: Electro Cardiogram
  43. EDCIL: Educational Consultants India Ltd.
  44. EPR: Eastern Punjab Railway
  45. ECR: Empty Coaching Rake
  46. ESMA: Essential Services Maintenance Act
  47. EVM: Electronic Voting Machine
  48. EXIM Bank: Export-Import Bank of India
  49. EQ: Emergency Quota
  50. EPCG: Export Promotion Capital Goods
  51. ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival
  52. EDI: Educational Development Index
  53. EDM: Electronic Data Management
  54. ENVIS: Environmental Information System
  55. EDUSAT: Education Satellite
  56. EEC: Eurasian Economic Community
  57. EACB: European Association of Co-operative Banks
  58. ECBs: External Commercial Borrowings
  59. EEG: Electro Encephalogram
  60. EET: Exempt, Exempt, Taxable
  61. ELISA: Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay
  62. ER: Eastern Railway
  63. EXIM Bank: Export Import Bank


  1. FCI: Food Corporation of India
  2. FVCIs: Foreign Venture Capital Investors
  3. FBT: Fringe Benefit Tax
  4. FIU-IND: Financial Intelligence Unit-India
  5. FIPB: Foreign Investment Promotion Board
  6. FPS: Focus Product Scheme
  7. FRL: Full Reservoir Level
  8. FMD: Financial Markets Department
  9. FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
  10. FEDAI: Foreign Exchange Dealers’ Association of India
  11. FDI: Foreign Direct Investment
  12. FCCB: Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
  13. FAO: Food and Agriculture Organization
  14. FEDL: Fully Electrified Double Line
  15. FFMVFT: Frequency-modulated Voice-frequency Telegraph
  16. FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation
  17. FC: Financial Commissioner
  18. FC: Foreign Collaborations
  19. FT: Foreign Tourist
  20. FSA: Financial Services Authority
  21. FAO: Food and Agriculture Organisation
  22. FBTR: Fast Breeder Test Reactor
  23. FCI: Fertilizer Corporation of India
  24. FII: Foreign Institutional Investor
  25. FSF: Financial Stability Forum
  26. FC: Forward Caste
  27. FM: Finance Minister
  28. FOR: Free On Rail
  29. FOR: Forward motion
  30. FRLs: Fiscal Responsibility Legislations
  31. FAO: Food & Agriculture Organisation
  32. FC: Financial Conglomerate
  33. FOF: Flow of Funds
  34. FEMA: Foreign Exchange Management Act
  35. FICA: Federation of International Cricketer’s Association
  36. FICCI: Federation of India Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  37. FED: Foreign Exchange Department
  38. FLCC: Financial Literacy and Credit Counseling Centre
  39. FCNR(B): Foreign Currency Non-Resident (Banks)
  40. FATF: Financial Action Task Force
  41. FC: First Class
  42. FDI: Foreign Direct Investment
  43. FIR: First Information Report
  44. FIPB: Foreign Investment Promotion Board
  45. FRS: Fellow of the Royal Society
  46. FTA: Free Trade Agreement
  47. FCI: Food Corporation of India
  48. FDI: Foreign Direct Investment
  49. FERA: Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
  50. FRRO: Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office
  51. FNRM: Friends of the National Rail Museum
  52. FROA: Federation of Officer’s Associations
  53. FITL: Funded Interest Term Loan
  54. FTII: Films and Television Institute of India
  55. FTZ: Free Trade Zone
  56. FST: Financial Sector Technology
  57. FIFA: Federation Internationale de Football Association
  58. FRBM: Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management
  59. FI: Financial Institutions
  60. FCAs: Foreign Currency Assets
  61. FSB: Financial Stability BoardFM: Frequency modulation
  62. FIEO: Federation of Indian Export Organisation
  63. FMCG: Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  64. FRB: Floating Rate Bond


  1. GFCE: Government Financial Consumption Expenditure
  2. GIPSA: General Insurer’s (Public Sector) Association of India
  3. GCC: General-purpose Credit Card
  4. GPS: Global Positioning System
  5. GSI: Geological Survey of India
  6. GUAM: Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova
  7. GIPR: Great Indian Peninsular Railway
  8. GSDP: Gross State Domestic Product
  9. GDP: Gross Domestic Product
  10. GPF: General Post Office
  11. GK: General Knowledge
  12. GAIL: Gas Authority of India Limited
  13. GATT: General Agreement on Tariff and Trade
  14. GIC: General Insurance Corporation
  15. GM: General Manager
  16. GRP: Government Railway Police
  17. GSLV: Geostationary Launch Vehicle
  18. GCC: Gulf Cooperation Council
  19. GFD: Gross Fiscal Deficit
  20. GSIR: Great Southern of India Railway
  21. GSA: General Sales Agent
  22. GoI: Government of India
  23. G7: Group of Seven (US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, japan and Canada) G8 includes G7 plus Russia
  24. GATE: Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineer­ing
  25. GMAT: Graduate Management Admission Test
  26. GSP: Generalised System Preference
  27. GUI: Graphical User Interface
  28. GST: Goods and Services Tax
  29. GIST: Global Institute of Science and Technology
  30. GMT: Greenwich Mean Time
  31. Gm.: Gram
  32. GNLF: Gorkha National Liberation Front
  33. GMT: Greenwich Mean Time
  34. GDR: Global Depository Receipt
  35. GFSR: Global Financial Stability Report
  36. GNP: Gross National Product
  37. GPF: General Provident Fund
  38. GPO: General Post Office
  39. GRF: Guarantee Redemption Fund


  1. HTM: Held-to-Maturity
  2. HLCCFM: High Level Coordination Committee on Financial Markets
  3. HR: Human Resources
  4. HH: His Or Highness
  5. HMT: Hindustan Machine Tools
  6. HHPDMU: High-Horsepower Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
  7. HAC: Hindustan Aluminium Corporation
  8. HAL: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
  9. HCF: Highest Common Factor
  10. HPDMU: High-powered Diesel Multiple Unit
  11. HSCB: High-speed Circuit Breaker
  12. HT: High Tension
  13. HO: Head Office
  14. HRD: Human Resource Development
  15. HP: Handicapped Persons quota
  16. HTS: High Tensile-strength Steel
  17. HDFC: Housing Development Finance Corporation
  18. HLL: Hindustan Levers Limited
  19. HUL: Hindustan Unilever Limited
  20. HURC: Hindustan Unilever Research Centre
  21. HFCs: Housing Finance Companies
  22. HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language
  23. HSUI: Housing Start Up Index
  24. HLAC: High Level Advisory Committee
  25. HDFC: Housing Development Finance Corporation
  26. HMT: Hindustan Machine Tools
  27. HUDCO: Housing and Urban Development Corporation
  28. HQ: Head Quarters
  29. HRDD: Human Resources Development Department
  30. HYVS: High Yield Variety Seeds
  31. HLG: High Level Group
  32. HSRL: High Speed Rail Line (Link)
  33. HC: High Court
  34. HNI: High Net-worth Individual
  35. HP: Horse Power
  36. HP: Himachal Pradesh
  37. HRMS: Human Resources Management System


  1. IRDA: Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
  2. IGR: Indian Government Railways
  3. IMR: Indian Midland Railway
  4. IAF: Indian Air Force
  5. IA: Intermediate In Arts
  6. IWMP: Integrated Watershed Management Programme
  7. IUSSTF: Indo-US Science and Technology Forum
  8. ISSP: Indian Scientific Satellite Project
  9. IST: Indian Standard Time
  10. ITBP: Indo-Tibet Border Police
  11. ITDC: Indian Tourism Development Corporation
  12. ICICI: Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited
  13. IIP: Index of Industrial Production
  14. IIPM: Indian Institute of Planning and Management
  15. INR: Indian Rupees
  16. ISEC: Institute for Social and Economic Change
  17. IT: Information Technology
  18. ITC: Indian Tobacco Company
  19. ICFOSS: International Centre for Free and Open Source Software
  20. IR: Indian Railways
  21. ISR: Indian State Railway
  22. i.e.: id est (that is)
  23. IBM: International Business Machines
  24. ICSE: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
  25. ICU: Intensive Care Unit
  26. IEEE: Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers
  27. IELTS: International English Language Testing System
  28. IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  29. IAAI: International Airport Authority of India
  30. lAC: Indian Airlines Corporation
  31. IAEA: International Atomic Energy Agency
  32. IMF: International Monetary Fund
  33. IRF: Interest Rate Futures
  34. ISW: Indian Standard Wagon Works
  35. IGBT: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
  36. IMD: India Meteorological Department
  37. ITER: International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
  38. ITES: Information Technology Enabled Services
  39. ITPO: Indian Trade Promotion Organisation
  40. ITO: International Trade Organisation
  41. IPWE: Institution of Permanent Way Engineers
  42. IARI: Indian Agricultural Research Institute
  43. IBA: Indian Bank Association
  44. IBRD: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  45. IRAS: Indian Railway Accounts Services
  46. ITUC: Indian Trade Union Congress
  47. IUCN: International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resource
  48. IUPEP: Integrated Urban Poverty Eradication Programme
  49. IVSR: Indus Valley State Railway
  50. ISRO: Indian Space Research Organization
  51. IPO: Initial Public Offering
  52. IBSA: India, Brazil, South Africa
  53. ICAR: Indian Council of Agricultural Research
  54. ICBM: Inter Continental Ballistic Missile
  55. IPA: Issuing and Paying Agent
  56. IRPS: Indian Railway Personnel Services
  57. IHTT: Institute of Handloom and Textile Technology
  58. IUMJ: Indiana Universityrsity Mathematics Journal
  59. IRRA: Indian Railways Regulatory Authority
  60. ICC: International Cricket Council
  61. IISS: International Institute of Strategic Studies
  62. IMAP: Internet Mail Access Protocol
  63. IP: Internet Protocol
  64. IQ: Intelligence Quotient
  65. ISBN: International Standard Book Number
  66. ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network
  67. ICFTU: International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
  68. ICICI: Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited
  69. IDR: Indian Depository Receipt
  70. IOU: I Owe You
  71. IFA: Indian Football Association
  72. ICAI: Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  73. ISI: Indian Standards Institute (BIS: Bureau of Indian Standards)
  74. ISRO: Indian Space Research Organisation
  75. ITE: Intra-Group Transactions and Exposure
  76. ICJ: International Court of Justice
  77. ICMR: Indian Council of Medical Research
  78. ICRIER: Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations
  79. IAS: Indian Administrative Association
  80. InISJ: Indian Institutetute of Science Journal
  81. ICSI: Indian Company Secretaries Institute
  82. ICSID: International Centre for Settlement of Industrial Disputes
  83. ICRC: International Committee of the Red Cross
  84. InJME: Indian Journal of Mechanical Engineering
  85. INA: Indian National Army
  86. IMA: Internal Models Approach
  87. IRVS: Interactive Voice Response System
  88. ICSSR: Indian Council of Scientific and Social Research
  89. IDA: International Development Agency
  90. IDBI: Industrial Development Bank of India
  91. IRC: Indian Railways Corporation
  92. IRCA: Indian Railway Conference Association
  93. ISKCON: International Society for Krishna Consciousness
  94. ISO: International Standards Organisation
  95. ITBP: Indo-Tibetan Border Police
  96. ITES: Information Technology enabled services
  97. INTUC: Indian National Trade Union Congress
  98. IDO: International Defence Organisation
  99. IDPL: Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited
  100. IFA: Indian Football Association
  101. IPS: Indian Police Service
  102. IAS: Integrated Accounting Systems
  103. IGIDR: Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
  104. IST: Indian Standard Time
  105. IFCI: Industrial Finance Corporation of India
  106. IFFI: International Film Festival of India
  107. ITI: Industrial Training Institute
  108. ITU: International Telecommunication Union
  109. IVF: In-Vitro Fertilisation
  110. IVM: In-vitro Maturation
  111. ITI: Industrial Training Institute

  112. ITU: International Telecommunication Union
  113. IFFCO: Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative
  114. ISA: Information Systems Audit
  115. IIBM: Indian Institute of Bank Management
  116. IRCON: Indian Railways Construction Company
  117. InJTP: Indian Journal of Theoretical Physics
  118. IFPRI: International Food Policy Research Institute
  119. IFTU: International Federation of Trade Unions
  120. IFWJ: Indian Federation of Working Journalists
  121. IAS: Indian Administrative Service
  122. IIT: Indian Institute of Technology
  123. IMPCOPS: Indian Medical Practitioners Co-operative Pharmacy and Stores
  124. IPL: Indian Premier League
  125. ISD: International Subscriber Dialing
  126. INSAP: Indian National Science Academy
  127. IRCOT: Indian Railways Central Organization for Telecom
  128. IEM: Industrial Entrepreneurs Memoranda
  129. IRSE: Indian Railway Service of Engineers
  130. IRSEE: Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers
  131. IGCAR: Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research
  132. IGMDP: Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme
  133. IGNCA: Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts
  134. IGNOU: Indira Gandhi National Open University
  135. IIM: Indian Institute of Management
  136. IBA: Indian Banks’ Association
  137. IIFT: Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
  138. IDMD: Internal Debt Management Department
  139. IIFA: International Indian Film Academy
  140. IIPA: Indian Institute of Public Administration
  141. IIS: Indian Institute of Sciences
  142. IT-BPO: Information Technology – Business Process Outsourcing
  143. IRSME: Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers
  144. IRSS: Indian Railway Stores Services
  145. IIT: Indian Institute of Technology
  146. INSAT: Indian National Satellite
  147. IRCTC: Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation
  148. IREB: Indian Railways Executive Board
  149. IISCO: Indian Iron and Steel Company
  150. ILO: International Labour Organisation
  151. IMA: Indian Military Academy
  152. IAEA: International Atomic Energy of India
  153. IVR: Interactive Voice Response
  154. IPDIs: Innovative Perpetual Debt Instruments
  155. ICAR: Indian Council for Agricultural Research
  156. IRSSE: Indian Railway Service of Signal Engineers
  157. IRSTE: Indian Railway Signal and Telecom Engineering
  158. IASC: Inspection and Audit Sub-Committee
  159. IMDT: Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act
  160. IMF: International Monetary Fund
  161. INGCA: Indira Gandhi Gallery for Culture and Art
  162. IDRBT: Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology
  163. IRFC: Indian Railways Finance Corporation
  164. IRIATT: Indian Railways Institute of Advanced Track Technology
  165. ISAS: Institute of Space and Astronomical Science
  166. ISB: Indian Standard Bureau
  167. ISE: International Stock Exchange
  168. ISS: Institute of Social Sciences
  169. ISACA: Information Systems Audit and Control Assessment
  170. IPCC: Inter-Govermental Panel on Climate Change
  171. IMD: India Millennium Deposits
  172. IIA: Institute of Internal Auditors
  173. IT: Information Technology
  174. IRTS: Indian Railway Traffic Services
  175. INS: Indian Naval Ship
  176. INS: Indian News Paper Society
  177. INSDOC: Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre
  178. ISRS: Indian Steam Railway Society
  179. IFRS: International Financial Reporting Standards
  180. IES: Integrated Establishment System
  181. ITO: International Trade Organization
  182. ITR: Integrated Test Range
  183. ICCOMS: Integrated Computerised Currency Operations and Management System
  184. IPCs: Irrevocable Payment Commitments
  185. IIP: Index of Industrial Production
  186. IMFC: International Monetary and Financial Committee
  187. INTELSAT: International Telecommunication Satellite
  188. INTERPOL: International Police Organisation
  189. INTUC: Indian National Trade Union Congress
  190. INTACH: Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage
  191. ICAS: Indian Council of Ayurveda & Siddha
  192. ICMR: Indian Council of Medical Research
  193. ICSSR: Indian Council of Social Sciences Research
  194. INC: Indian National Congress
  195. IPR: Intellectual Property Rights
  196. IISc: Indian Institute of Science
  197. ILD: Institute for Labour Development
  198. ITB: International Tourist Bureau
  199. ICAC: International Cotton Advisory Committee
  200. IMD: India Meteorological Department
  201. IRBM: Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
  202. IRICEN: Indian Railways Institute of Civil Engineering
  203. IRIEEN: Indian Railways Institute of Electrical Engineering
  204. ISMS: Information Security Management System
  205. IIFCL: India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited
  206. LAN: Local Area Network
  207. LCA: Light Combat Aircraft
  208. LIS: Library and Information Science
  209. INXFAC: Indian Naval Extra-Fast Attact Craft
  210. IOC: Indian Oil Corporation
  211. IOC: International Olympic Committee
  212. IPC: Indian Penal Code
  213. ICT: Information and Communication Technology
  214. IN: India
  215. IJRSP: Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics
  216. IIApN: Indian Institute of Astrophysics Newsletter
  217. IQ: Iraq
  218. IP-RR: Interest Payment – Revenue Receipt
  219. IPKF: Indian Peace Keeping Force
  220. IQ: Intelligence Quotient
  221. IRBM: Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
  222. IRC: International Red Cross
  223. ILO: International Labour Organisation
  224. IRIMEE: Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Jamalpur
  225. IRISET: Indian Railways Insitute of Signal Engineering and Telecommunications, Secunderabad
  226. IODP: Integrated Officers Development Programmes
  227. IPKF: Indian Peace Keeping Force
  228. IRS: Indian Remote Sensing Satellite
  229. IRDA: Insurance Regulatory Development Authority
  230. IRDP: Integrated Rural Development Programme
  231. ISB: Indian Standard Bureau
  232. ISI: Inter Services Intelligence
  233. IRB: Internal Ratings Based
  234. IRMS: Indian Railway Medical Services
  235. IRPHA: Indian Railway Public Health Association
  236. ISO: International Organisation for Standardisation
  237. ISM: Indian School of Mines
  238. IFS: Indian Foreign Service or Indian Forest Service
  239. IRS: Indian Revenue Service
  240. ISP: Internet Services Provider
  241. ISRO: Indian Space Research Organisation
  242. IMD: India Meteorological Department
  243. IAF: Indian Air Force
  244. ITO: Income Tax Officer
  245. IG: Inspector General (of Police)

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