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NATA Drawing Practice Sample Paper

NATA Drawing Practice Sample Paper
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NATA Drawing Test Questions

50 Marks Questions:

  1. From the roof of a house, you are looking at a Building surrounded by a garden. Depict the scenario of a rainy day. Use an appropriate pencil as a medium.
  2. Using pencil only, Draw a scene of a men sitting on a horse on a large exhibition hall with one circular opening in the roof.
  3. Imagine your size is reduced to size of a bird flying over a busy market. Draw the Ariel view of the market as would see by the eye of bird.
  4. Imagine that you are reduced to size of an ant moving in the super market. Draw a Sketch what u see.
  5. Imagine you are a house fly sitting on a book shelf in a college library. Draw a sketch using a pencil.
  6. Use a pencil and draw the scene of morning walk on road while other side’s road is cleaning.

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25 Marks Questions:

  1. Using desired numbers, the basic geometric shapes found in a bicycle, makes a visually appealing composition without overlapping the pieces and colour it using three colours of your choice.
  2. Sixteen wooden cubes in four different colours are available with you. Make use of these cubes to create a ornamental piece that can be displayed in your house.
  3. You have colored papers in the shape of red and blue circles and yellow squares. Make a composition in the given space using a maximum of five pieces.
  4. Using only straight lines, create a composition in the given space which will indicate Direction and colour it.
  5. Using primary shapes like square, rectangle, circle etc., design a traffic signal on the road including a school nearby. Colour the composition using two colours only.
  6. Draw a logo for a Delhi Kabbadi Team using rectangles, circles and triangles. Use 3 colours only.
  7. Draw logo of a E-commerce company which only deals in footwear using circles and triangles only.
  8. Make a 3-D composition using two balls, three bottles and one lampshade and show effect of light and shadows on the composition.
  9. Draw logo of an IPL franchise using rectangles, triangles and circles.

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