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SSC General Intelligence Sample Paper 1

SSC CHSL Reasoning Questions with Answers
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Question 1:

If the word DATE is written in a code as CEZBSUDF, how would TIME be written in that code?





Question 2:

The distance between 2 stations A and B in 330 km. A train starts from A to B at a speed from B to a at a speed of 60 kmph at 9 am. Another train starts from B to A at a speed of 90 kmph at 9.30 am. At what time will they meet?

(a) 12 noon

(b) 11 am

(c) 11.30 am

(d) 11.45 am

Question 3:

Complete the analogy.


(a) DQSF

(b) ANPC

(c) ETRG

(d) ERTG

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Question 4:

Average marks scored by 5 students in a row is 80. If one student scoring 60 marks in the row goes out and a student with 80 marks joins the row. What will be the average mark of the new batch of 5 students?

(a) 80

(b) 82

(c) 85

(d) 84

Question 5:

In a certain code LONG is written as 5123 and GEAR is written as 3748. How is LANE written in that code?

(a) 5427

(b) 5247

(c) 5847

(d) 5237

Question 6:

In a certain code language ‘pik da pa’ means ‘where are you’; ‘da na ja’ means ‘you may come’ and ‘na ka sa’ means ‘he may go’, which of the following means ‘come’ in that code language?

(a) da

(b) ja

(c) na

(d) Cannot be determined

Question 7:

Meeta correctly remembers that her father’s birthday is after 8th July but before 12th July. Her brother correctly remembers that their father’s birthday is after 10th July but before 15th July. On which day of July was definitely their father’s birthday?

(a) 10th

(b) 11th

(c) 10th or 11th

(d) Cannot be determined

Directions (Question 8 – 10): Study the following information and answer the questions given below:

M, N, P, R, T, W, F and H are sitting around a circle facing at the centre. P is third to the left of M and second to the right of T. N is second to the right of P. R is second to the right of W who is second to the right of M. F is not an immediate neighbour of P.

Question 8:

Who is to the immediate right of H?

(a) R

(b) F

(c) M

(d) None of these

Question 9:

Who is third to the right of H?

(a) T

(b) W

(c) R

(d) F

Question 10:

Who is to the immediate right of P?

(a) F

(b) R

(c) H

(d) None of these

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Download Complete SSC General Intelligence Sample Paper 1 with Answers

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