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NEET Chemistry Sample Paper 1

NEET / AIPMT Chemistry sample paper is based on NEET / CBSE PMT exam pattern and consist 60 single answer objective type questions. Link to download PDF of this paper is given at the end this page.

Question 1:

Dehydration of cyclohexanol yields cyclohexene in 5% yield. How much of cyclohexane will he obtained on 100 g of cyclohexanol?

(a) 75.0 g

(b) 61.5 g

(c) 82.0 g

(d) 41.0 g

Question 2:

In NaCl, the number of formula units per unit cell is

(a) 2

(b) 4

(c) 6

(d) 12

Question 3:

Which of the following organic compounds exhibits positive Fehling test as well as Iodoform test?

(a) Methanal

(b) Ethanol

(c) Propanone

(d) Ethanol

Question 4:

The weakest interparticle forces are present in:

(a) Thermosetting polymers

(b) Thermoplastic polymers

(c) Fibres

(d) Elastomers

Question 5:

Classical smog occurs in places of

(a) tourist interest

(b) historical interest

(c) low temperature

(d) high temperature

Question 6:

The process of zone refining is based upon

(a) fractional crystallization

(b) fractional distillation

(c) magnetic properties of impurities

(d) impurities are less fusible than metals

Question 7:

Which of the following is not pesticide?

(a) BHC

(b) DDT

(c) Malathion

(d) Seconal

Question 8:

Identify the correct statement.

(a) Gypsum contains a lower percentage of calcium than Plaster of Paris

(b) Gypsum is obtained by heating Plaster of Paris

(c) Plaster of Paris can be obtained by hydration of gypsum

(d) Plaster of Paris is obtained by partial oxidation of gypsum

Question 9:

When 1-butene is treated with bromine, the expected product is

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(a) 1, 1-Dibromobutane

(b) 2, 2-Dibromobutane

(c) 1, 2-Dibromobutane

(d) 1, 2-Dibromobutane

Question 10:

Terylene is a condensation polymer of ethylene glycol and

(a) benzoic acid

(b) phthalic acid

(c) salicyclic acid

(d) terephthalic acid

Use below link to download NEET Chemistry Sample paper 1 (60 questions) in PDF Format.
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