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Railway JE Recruitment Sample Paper 1

Railway Technical Exam Sample Paper

This Railway JE Recruitment Sample Paper consist 20 questions from Technical Ability For any information railway JE Recruitment Exam.

Question 1:

A resistance of 10 ohm is connected across a supply of 200V. If resistance R is now connected in parallel with a 10 ohm resistance, the current drawn from the supply gets doubled. The value of unknown resistance R is

(a) 5 ohm

(b) 20 ohm

(c) 10 ohm

(d) 15 ohm

Question 2:

Kirchhoff’s first law is also called as

(a) voltage law

(b) Current law

(c) Mesh Current law

(d) All the above

Question 3:

The close path of the flux around any current carrying circuit is referred as Circuit

(a) Magnetic

(b) Electric

(c) Electromagnetic

(d) None of these

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Question 4:

The on-line UPS is also called as

(a) Stand-by UPS

(b) Line Interactive UPS

(c) Off line UPS

(d) Current line UPS

Question 5:

________ is used to convert alternating current to direct current

(a) Transformer

(b) Diode

(c) Resistor

(d) Transistor

Question 6:

Peak inverse voltage of bridge rectifier is as that of centre-tap circuit.

(a) Same

(b) Twice

(c) Half

(d) Four times

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Question 7:

The supply voltage varies sinusoid ally and has a frequency __________ Hz.

(a) 60

(b) 50

(c) 20

(d) 10

Question 8:

Peak Resistance of the diode is increased when

(a) Forward biased

(b) Reverse biased

(c) Both forward and reverse biased

(d) Either a or b

Question 9:

The number of lines of force passing through the secondary coil S when unit current changes in the primary coil P are called

(a) Self inductance

(b) Mutual inductance

(c) Self induction

(d) Mutual induction

Question 10:

Unit of flux

(a) Amp- turns

(b) Weber

(c) Volts

(d) Amps

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