Bank sample Question Papers

Canara Bank Specialist Officer General Awareness Practice papers

Canara Bank Specialist Officer General Awareness Practice papers
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 Canara Bank Exam Questions:

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RAM is also called as:
(a) Read/Write Memory
(b) Long Memory
(c) Permanent Memory
(d) Primary Memory

Marketing of Internet Banking means
(a) Meeting of Banks on the net
(b) Net practice
(c) Marketing the usage of Banking transactions through Internet.
(d) Transactions with foreign countries

Which sports personality is known as “Thunder Bolt” and Lighting Bolt?”
(a) Karl Lewis
(b) Youvaraj Singh
(c) Mike Tyson
(d) Usain Bolt

Which of the following is the correct definition of “Hot Money” ?
1. This is the fund which is dumped into a country to get the advantage of a favourable interest rate and hence brings higher returns.
2. This is the fund which is provided by a bank in US $ at very short notice and at a very high rate of interest and for a longer period of repayment.
3. This is the fund which is pushed into market through Hawala or some other such illegal methods and sometimes referred also as Black Money.
(a) Only 1 is correct
(b) Both 1 and 2 are correct
(c) Only 3 is correct
(d) Both 1 and 3 are true

Which of the following terms is used in cricket ?
(a) Centre forward
(b) Goal
(c) Love
(d) LBW

Which of the following terms NOT used in Banking Sector?
(a) SLR
(b) NPA
(c) Credit Rating
(d) PURA

What is the full form of FII (we often read in financial newspapers)?
(a) Final Investment in India
(b) Foreign Investment in India
(c) Formal Investment in India
(d) Foreign Institutional Investment

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Who demarcated the line which separated India and Pakistan ?
(a) Sir Cyril Radcliffe
(b) Sir Mortiner Durand
(c) Sir Henry McMahon
(d) Lord Mountbatten

With which one of the following activities, Golden Globe Awards are associated ?
(a) Journalism
(b) Social work
(c) Peace initiatives
(d) Films

The primary purpose of software is to turn data into ____.
(a) web sites
(b) information
(c) programs
(d) objects

The real return to the investor sometimes gets reduced due to sudden rise in the prices of the commodities. This phenomenon in financial market is known as ____
(a) Market risk
(b) Inflation risk
(c) Credit risk
(d) Diversification of funds

The process of the total valuation of the financial assets of a company is technically known as
(a) Market capitalization
(b) Gross Domestic Product
(c) Net wealth of the country
(d) Gross Domestic Resources

A compiler translates a program written in a high-level language into .
(a) Machine language
(b) an algorithm
(c) a debugged program
(d) Java

Select the Odd one :
(a) Operating system
(b) Interpreter
(c) Compiler
(d) Assembler

What is correcting errors in a program called ?
(a) Compiling
(b) Debugging
(c) Grinding
(d) Interpreting

What is the full form of ‘P-Notes’ ?
(a) Permanent Notes
(b) Purchase-Notes
(c) Participatory-Notes
(d) Private Notes

Banking Sector will fall under which of the following sectors?
(a) Agriculture Sector
(b) Service Sector
(c) Manufacturing
(d) Industrial Sector

What are the main causes of the rural indebtedness?
(A) Poverty
(B) Inability to repay loans
(C) Zamindari System, which prevented farmers from owning the land
(1) Only (A)
(b) Only (B)
(c) Both (A) and (B)
(d) All (A), (B) and (C)

Back up of the data files will help to prevent .
(a) loss of confidentiality
(b) duplication of data
(c) virus infection
(d) loss of data

Which of the following countries does not play International cricket ?
(a) Russia
(b) England
(c) South Africa
(d) Pakistan

Question 1:
___ may be included in other, folder while making hierarchical structure folder.
(1) Mini folder
(2) Thread folder
(3) Sub-folder
(4) Object
(5) None of these

Question 2:
The “home page” of a web site is ______
(1) the largest page
(2) the last page
(3) the first page
(4) the most colorful page
(5) None of these

Question 3:
Which of the following States cannot be called a Silk producing State?
(1) Tamil Nadu
(2) Karnataka
(3) Andhra Pradesh
(4) West Bengal
(5) Himachal Pradesh

Question 4:
A ______ contains buttons and menus that provide quick access to commonly used commands.
(1) menu bar
(2) toolbar
(3) window
(4) find
(5) None of these

Question 5:
Marketing can be effected by
(1) bringing in new customers
(2) retaining existing customers
(3) selling more to existing cus­tomers
(4) quality  pre  and  post sales service
(5) All of these

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Question 6:
What is full form of MENA?
(1) Middle East & North Africa
(2) Members of Egypt and Norwegian Association
(3) Member of Eco friendly Nation’s Alliance
(4) Member of Ecological & Natural Agency
(5) None of these
Question 7:
A command that lakes what has been typed into the computer and can be seen on the screen and sends it to the printer for output on  paper______.
(1) print
2) return
(3) jump
(4) attention
(5) None of these
Question 8:
Which of the following Organizations is NOT associated with the financial banking sector in India ?
(2) BSE
(3) ISRO
(4) ECGC
(5) SEBI
Question 9:
Of the 4P’s of marketing, 3 are Product, Place and Promotion. Which is the 4th P?
(1) Price
(2) Pricing
(3) Purpose
(4) Pride
(5) Pursuit

Question 10:
The National Commodity and De­rivatives Exchange Limited (NC-DEX) is located in which of the following cities?
(1) Mumbai
(2) Kolkata
(3) Hyderabad
(4) Jaipur
(5) New Delhi

Question 11:
What is output?
(1) What  the processor takes from the user
(2) What the  user gives to the processor
(3) What the processor gets from the user
(4) What the processor gives to the user
(5) None of these

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Question 12:
A CPU contains ______
(1) a card reader and printing device
(2) an analytical engine and control unit
(3) a control unit and an arith­metic logic unit
(4) an arithmetic logic unit and a card   reader
(5) None of these

Question 13:
A _____ is a collection of data that is stored electronically as a series of records in a table.
(1) spreadsheet
(2) presentation
(3) database
(4) web page
(5) None of these
Question 14:
Something which has easily un­derstood instructions is said to be______.
(1) user friendly
(2) information
(3) word processing
(4) icon
(5) None of these
Question 15:
Innovation in Marketing means :
(1) good communication skills
(2) good negotiation skills
(3) spirited motivation
(4) novel methods of selling
(5) tired of marketing

Download all 40 IBPS Clerk General Awareness Sample Questions with Answers (PDF File)

Bank General Awareness MCQs:

Question 1:
Accounts are allowed to be operated by cheques in respect of:
(1) Both Savings bank accounts and fixed deposit accounts.
(2) Savings bank accounts and current accounts.
(3) Both Savings bank accounts and loan accounts.
(4) Both Savings bank accounts and cash accounts only.
(5) Both Current accounts and fixed deposit accounts
Ans. (2)

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Question 2:
What is the intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet called?
(1) Column
(2) Value
(3) Address
(4) Cell
(5) None of these
Ans. (4)

Question 3:
How will words appear on the page ? We call it as
(1) Textformatting
(2) Character formatting
(3) Point size
(4) Type face
(5) None of these
Ans. (1)

Question 4:
What is the name for the process that is used to convert a series of instructions, or program, writ¬ten in a high-level language into instructions (or a program) that can be run on a computer ?
(1) Assembling
(2) Compiling
(3) Translating
(4) Uploading
(5) None of these
Ans. (2)

Question 5:
Periodically adding, changing and deleting file records is called file
(1) updating
(2) upgrading
(3) restructuring
(4) renewing
(5) None of these
Ans. (1)

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Question 6:
Which of the following is correct statement ?
(1) Normally no interest is paid on current deposit accounts.
(2) Interest is paid on current accounts at the same rate as term deposit accounts.
(3) The rate of interest on current account and savings account are the same.
(4) No interest is paid on any deposit by the bank.
(5) Savings deposits are the same as current deposits.
Ans. (1)

Question 7:
Rice is which kind of crop?
(1) Rabi
(2) Evergreen
(3) Kharif
(4) Inter-seasonal
(5) Monsoon
Ans. (5)

Question 8:
‘Jog falls’ are in:
(1) Kerala
(2) J & K
(3) U.P.
(4) Uttaranchal
(5) Karnataka
Ans. (5)

Question 9:
The capitals of the States Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttaranchal are:
(1) Raipur, Ranchi, Dehradun (2) Ranchi, Patna, Nainital
(3) Raniganj, Patna, Dehradun (4) Patna, Raipur, Nainital
(5) None of the above
Ans. (1)

Question 10:
Mortgage is a :
(1) security on movable property for a loan given by a bank.
(2) security on immovable property for a loan given by a bank.
(3) concession on immovable property for a loan given by a bank.
(4) facility on immoviihle property for a loan given by a bank.
(5) security on immovable property for a deposit received by a bank.
Ans. (2)

Question 11:
Which of the following types of accounts are known as ‘Demat Accounts’ ?
(1) Accounts which are Zero Balance Accounts.
(2) Accounts which are opened to facilitate repayment of a loan taken from the bank. No other business can be conducted from there.
(3) Accounts in which shares of various companies are traded in electronic form.
(4) Accounts which are operated through internet banking facility.
(5) None of these
Ans. (3)

Question 12:
Upper limit prescribed for RTGS transaction is :
(1) 1 lac
(2) 5 lac
(3) 10 lacs
(4) 50 lacs
(5) No upper limit is prescribed
Ans. (5)

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Question 13:
Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) are an investment option also operated in the mode of .
(1) Mutual Funds
(2) Small Savings Schemes in Post Office
(3) National Pension Fund
(4) National Saving Certificates
(5) None of these
Ans (1)

Question 14:
Fixed deposits and recurring deposits are
(1) repayable after an agreed period.
(2) repayable on demand.
(3) not repayable. (4) repayable after death of depositors.
(5) repayable on demand or after an agreed period as per bank’s choice.
Ans. (1)

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