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General Awareness test for IBPS Bank of India, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Syndicate Bank and other Bank Recruitment Exams on Finance knowledge, general knowledge, marketing knowledge, computer knowledge etc.

Question: Capital letters on a keyboard are referred to as ______
(1) caps lock key
(2) grownups
(3) big guys
(4) upper case  letters
Ans. (1)

In which state is Silent Valley located?
(1) Tamil Nadu
(2) Kerala
(3) Assam
(4) Arunachal Pradesh
Ans. (2)

Question: Diversification is useful for_____.
(1) attaching more customers
(2) retaining existing customers
(3) increasing sales volume
(4) All of these
Ans. (4)

Question: With which one of the following games is Tiger Woods’ associated?
(1) Golf
(2) Swimming
(3) Tennis
(4) Table Tennis
Ans. (1)

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Question: While sending an e-mail, the line describes the contents of the message.
(1) subject
(2) to
(3) contents
(4) cc
Ans. (1)

Question: Which of the following is NOT a banking related term ?
(1) SME Finance
(2) Overdraft
(3) Drawing power
(4) Equinox
Ans. (4)

Question: Data representation is based on the number system, which uses two numbers to represent all data.
(1) binary
(2) biometric
(3) bicentennial
(4) byte
Ans. (1)

Question: On October 17, 1940, the individual Satyagraha was inaugurated by
(1) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
(2) Jawaharlal Nehru
(3) M.K. Gandhi
(4) Acharya Vinoba Bhave
Ans. (4)

Question: ___are often delivered to a PC through an email attachment and are often designed to do harm.
(1) Viruses
(2) Spam
(3) Portals
(4) Email messages
Ans. (1)

Question: How much percentage of the total time deposits of the Banks is locked as Statutory Liquidity Reserve (SLR)?
(1) 10%
(2) 15%
(3) 20%
(4) 25%
Ans. (4)

Question: A ____ shares hardware, Software, and data among authorized users.
(1) network
(2) protocol
(3) hyperlink
(4) transmitter
Ans. (1)

Question: One of the following is not a function of Retail Banking
(1) Accepting fixed deposits
(2) Giving Home loans
(3) Giving Education Loans
(4) Joint ventures
Ans. (4)

Question: A ___ is an electronic device that process data, converting it into information.
(1) computer
(2) processor
(3) case
(4) stylus
Ans. (2)

Question: A(n) is a program that makes the computer easier to use.
(1) utility
(2) application
(3) operating system
(4) network
Ans. (1)

Question: _______ is an output device that lets you see what the computer is doing.
(1)  a disk drive
(2) monitor-screen
(3) shift key
(4) printer
Ans. (2)

Question: Sandal Wood trees are mostly found in…
(1) Trophical Evergreen Forests
(2) Tropical most Decidous
(3) Alpine forests
(4) Trophical Thorn Forests
Ans. (4)

Question: Omar Abdullah the former Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir is from which of the following political parties ?
(1) Bhartiya Janata Party
(2) Samajwadi Party
(3) Communist Party of India
(4) None of these
Ans. (4)

Question: Ellora caves of Maharashtra were built during the rule of
(1) Rashtrakuta
(2) Pallava
(3) Pal
(4) Chola
Ans. (1)

Question: What is the storage area for email messages called ?
(1) A folder
(2) A directory
(3) A mailbox
(4) The hard disk
Ans. (3)

Question: In page preview mode .
(1) You can see all pages of your document
(2) You can only see the page you are currently working
(3) You can only see pages that do not contain graphics
(4) You can only see the title page of your document
Ans. (2)

Question: The target group for Fixed De­posits is______.
(1) all individuals
(2) all corporate
(3) NRl’s
(4) All of these
Ans. (4)

Question: The first tide generated electricity project was established at
(1) Vizhinjam, Kerala
(2) Mangalore, Karnataka
(3) Paradeep, Orissa
(4) Vishakapattanam
Ans. (1)

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Question: Bit in short for _____.
(1) binary  system
(2) digital byte
(3) binary digit
(4) binary unit
Ans. (3)

File extensions are used in order to______
(1) name the file
(2) ensure the filename is not lost
(3) identify the file
(4) identify the file type
Ans. (4)

Question: Marketing covers:
(1) The Right Approach
(2) The Public Approach
(3) The Production Approach
(4) The Profit Approach
(5) All of the above
Ans. (5)

Who is the founder of the Capital city of Agra?
(1) Akbar
(2) Babar
(3) Sikinder Lodi
(4) Mubarak Shah Sayyad
Ans. (3)

Question: If a bank or some agency is exposing its customers to its various other services also, it will be known as:
(1) Cross-selling
(2) Market Research
(3) Customer Relationship Extension
(4) Competition
(5) Business Promotion
Ans. (1)

Water is used in hot water bottles because:
(1) it is easily obtained in pure form
(2) it has high specific heat
(3) it is cheaper and not harmful
(4) it is easy to heat water
Ans. (2)

Question: When creating a computer program, the designs the structure of the program.
(1) End user
(2) System Analyst
(3) Programmer
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these
Ans. (3)

Sub Prime Lending* Is a term applied to the loans made to —
(1) those borrowers who do not have a good credit history
(2) those who wish to take loan against the mortgage of tan¬gible assets.
(3) those who have a good credit history and are known to bank since 10 years.
(4) those borrowers who are most preferred customers of the Bank.
Ans. (1)

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Question: A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language at one time is called a/an:
(1) Interpreter
(2) Simulator
(3) Characters
(4) Numbers
(5) None of these
Ans. (1)

Question: Supersonic jets cause pollution by thinning of
(1) Sulphur dioxide layer
(2) Carbon dioxide layer
(3) Ozone layer
(4) None of these
Ans. (3)

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Question: The of a system includes the programs or instructions.
(1) hardware
(2) icon
(3) information
(4) software
(5) None of these
Ans. (4)

How much does our body contain water by mass?
(1) 65%
(2) 70%
(3) 60%
(4) None of these
Ans. (2)

Question: Back up of the data files will help to prevent
(1) loss of confidentiality
(2) duplication of data
(3) virus infection
(4) loss of data
(5) None of these
Ans. (4)

Question: Many a time we read in the newspapers the RBI has changed or revised a particular ratio/rate by a few basis points. What Is basis point?
(1) Ten per cent of one hundredth point
(2) One hundredth of 1%
(3) One hundredth of 10%
(4) Ten percent of 1000

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Question: Text in a column is generally aligned
(1) justified
(2) right
(3) centre
(4) left
(5) None of these
Ans. (1)

The National Highway system is the responsibility of
(1) State governments
(2) Central governments
(3) Central and State governments
(4) Local body governments
Ans. (3)

Question: Text in a column is generally aligned
(1) justified
(2) right
(3) centre
(4) left
(5) None of these
Ans. (1)

The tomb of Babur is at
(1) Kabul
(2) Lahore
(3) Multan
(4) Larkhana
Ans. (1)

Question: In order to save an existing document with a different name you need to_____.
(1) Retype the document and give it a different name
(2) Use the Save as… command
(3) Copy and paste the original document to a new document and then save
(4) Use Windows Explorer to copy the document to a dif¬ferent location and then re¬name it
(5) None of these
Ans. (2)

Question: The availability of cash and other cash like marketable instrument that are useful in purchases and investments are commonly known as
(1) Cash crunch
(2) Liquidity
(3) Credit
(4) Market ability

Question: A(n) ____ provides commands for writing software that is translated to the detailed step-by-step instructions executed by the processor to achieve an objective or solve a problem.
(1) Programming language
(2) Software patch
(3) Presentation language
(4) All language
(5) None of these
Ans. (1)

Question: In case the President of India decides to resign, he will address his letter of resignation to
(1) Prime Minister
(2) Chief Justice
(3) Speaker of Lok Sabha
(4) Vice-President
Ans. (4)

Question: What would you do to highlight a word ? You position the cursor next to the word, and then_____
(1) Drag mouse while holding button down
(2) Click mouse once
(3) Roll mouse around
(4) Roll and then click mouse
(5) None of these
Ans. (1)

Question: The Simon Commission was appointed in
(1) 1927
(2) 1928
(3) 1929
(4) 1930
Ans. (3)

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Question: What would you do to highlight a word ? You position the cursor next to the word, and then_____
(1) Drag mouse while holding button down
(2) Click mouse once
(3) Roll mouse around
(4) Roll and then click mouse
(5) None of these
Ans. (1)

Question: Which of the following is a non-food crop ?
(1) Wheat
(2) Maize
(3) Bajra
(4) Jute

Question: Which of the following terms is related to a computer’s memory:
(1) CPU
(2) Monitor
(3) RAM
(4) LAN
(5) ROM
Ans. (3)

Question: The first split in Indian National Congress took place at
(1) Surat
(2) Calcutta
(3) Allahabad
(4) Madras
Ans. (1)

Question: Mathematical problems can be effectively produced using:
(1) Apple
(2) Cobol
(3) MS Express
(4) MS Equation
(5) None of these
Ans. (4)

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Which of these modulates and demodulates signals, as while using the internet?
(2) HTML
(3) TDM
Ans. (5)

Sikkim became a full fledged state of the Indian Union, in the year ?
(1) 1972
(2) 1973
(3) 1974
(4) 1975
Ans. (4)

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Base Ml norm’s arc associated with which of the following aspects of the banking industry?
(1) Risk management
(2) Manpower planning
(3) Retirement benefits for the employees
(4) Corporate Governance

To work on mobile cell phone which of the following is/are required?
(1) Favourable handset
(2) Sim card
(3) Service provider network
(4) All of the above
Ans. (4)

Which of the following keys of personal computer is not available in the key board of traditional
(a) Tab
(b) Spacebar
(c) Enter
(d) Backspace
Ans. (3)

Which of the following words is not related to the functioning of Internet?
(1) www
(2) http
(3) e-mail
(4) All of the above
Ans. (4)

The biggest producer of fish in the world is
(1) China
(2) Russia
(3) Japan
(4) Norway
Ans. (1)

The basic structure theory of the Constitution of India implies that
(1) Certain features of the Constitution are so essential to it that they cannot be abrogated
(2) Fundamental Rights cannot be abridged or taken away
(3) The Constitution cannot be amended except in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Article 368
(4) The Preamble of the Constitution cannot be amended
Ans. (1)

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What is meant by “Underwriting” the term frequently used In financial sector ?
(1) Under valuation of the assets
(2) The Act of taking on a risk for a fee
(3) Giving a Guarantee that a loan will not become a bad loan
(4) The act of permission to float
Ans. (1)

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