CBSE practice Questions

CBSE class 12 Political Science Question Papers

Political science class 12 extra questions

Political science class 12

1 mark questions

Question: Give full form of BMC and CWC?

Question: What is meant by WSF?

Question: What is ASEAN Way?

Question: Define Logic of Deterrence?

Question: What do you mean by ‘Geo Politics’

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Question: What does Liberalization leads to?

Question: What is marshal Plan?

Question: What was the Operation Enduring Freedom?

Question: Define Molotov Plan?

Question: When did NATO come into existence? How many states joined it?

Question: Define Kyoto Protocol?

Question: Define Constitution?

Question: What is full form of C.T.B.T.

Question: Give the significance of Tashkent Agreement?

Question: What do you mean by ‘Politics’?

Question: How long did East and West Pakistan remain together?

Question: Name any two architects of non-aligned movement.

Question: What was the main provision of the Agreement the instrument of Accession’?

Question: What is full form of N.P.T.?

Question: What A.B.M Treaty? When was it signed?

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Question: What is the full form of SAFTA?

Question: What are the exceptions given in Article 15 of the Constitution.

Question: What is the concept of Two Nation Theory?

Question: What is Cuban missile crisis?

Question: What is meant by non- party movement?

Question: What are the objectives of establishing regional organizations?

Question: Why did India adopt Planning?

Question: Partition of India was a result of which theory? Who advanced this theory?

Question: When and Why Gorbachev resigned from the post of President in U.S.S.R.?

Question: Explain any two features of the preamble of the Indian Constitution.

2 marks questions

Question: Define Security? Give examples?

Question: What was Afro-Asian unity?

Question: Why Non Alignment criticized for being unprincipled?

Question: Why did Nehru regard conduct of foreign relations as an essential    indicator of independence?

Question: Point out any two  strategies India has adopted for its security?

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Question: Why have issues related to global environmental protection become the Priority concern of states since the 1990s.

Question: Who are indigenous people? What institution do they follow?

Question: Why is the fall of Berlin Wall treated as the end of Bipolarity?

Question: What is Goa Problem? How was Goa liberated and how did it become a part of the Indian Union.

Question: Mention two areas each of cooperation and disagreement between India and Bangladesh?

Question: Point out any two differences between Fundamental Rights Vs Ordinary Rights?

Question: What are Directive Principles of State Policy? Give one example.

Question: Mention any two important challenges faced by Lal Bahadur Shastri during his Prime minister-ship from 1964 to 1966.

Question: Why super power need allies?

Question: What was the role played by Sardar Patel in unifying princely states ?

Question: What role has been played by the European Union in solving the problem of the European countries.

Question: What is Preventive detention?

Question: What was the task of the States Reorganization Commission? What was its most Salient  recommendation?

Question: Give nature of Political Theory?

Question: Explain any two reasons why super powers encouraged alliances with smaller countries.

Question: Explain the aim of R.T.I?

Question: What is Cuban missile crisis?

Question: Mention the two challenges India faced on the eve of Independence.

Question: Do you think NAM  is still relevant today. Comment.

Question: Describe any two military features of Cold War.

3 marks questions

Question: Explain Health epidemics as the threat to the World security.

Question: What is a Bill of Rights?

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Question: What is Global Poverty List out its complex nature in the Global arena.

Question: How does political leadership of a nation affect its foreign policy? Explain this with the help of examples from India’s foreign policy.

4 marks questions

Question: What is Green Revolution? Mention two negative and two positive effects of it.

Question: The Congress party proved its dominance in comparison to a number of other political parties while contesting the first three General Elections,”. Justify this statement.

Question: Describe Terrorism? Why do Terrorist create Terror?

Question: Mention any six steps that should be taken by united nation to become more relevant?

Question: Describe any four significant characteristics of ASEAN.

Question: What is Shock therapy? Give its four features?

Question: What was the states Reorganization commission ? When was it constituted? What was the important recommendation of this commission.

Question: Explain India relation with Russia?

Question: Analyze any four factors which helped Soviet Union in becoming super power. After the second World war.

Question: What is worldwide interconnectedness? What are its components?

Question: What was the major thrust of the five year plan? In which ways did the first plan differ from the first plan?

Question: Describe four points of the Objectives resolution?

Question: Explain any four Directives Principles of State Policy related to the promotion of international peace and security.

Question: Give any four reasons why super powers need allies?

Question: Explain the consequences of Disintegration of U.S.S.R.

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Question: Explain any four fundamental Rights given in the constitution

Question: Describe the growth and scope of Political Theory?

Question: Why was the year 1967 considered a land mark year in India’s political and electoral history? Explain.

Question: What was the realization behind the origination of New International Economic Order ( NIEO) ? What was the report of UNCTAD regarding reform of the global Trading system? Why the initiative faded?

Question: Highlight any two issues of cooperation as well as confrontation each between India and Bangladesh.

6 marks questions

Question: Describe three negative and positive impact of Globalization?

Question: Assess the six consequences of the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Question: What is Non- alignment movement? Examine any two of its point of criticism. Explain any two of its value points and enduring ideas.

Question: Explain the problems faced by Princely States? Mention few approaches taken by the Government?

Question: In spite of drastic economic development in China some economic challenges still exist. List out the challenges.

Question: Explain the Hard, Soft, and Structural Hegemony of America.

Question: How far did the U.N perform its role successfully in maintaining peace in the world? Explain.

Question: Explain any four difference between Traditional and Non-Traditional Concept of Terrorism?

Question: Examine the changing Indo-China relation.

Question: Discuss six objectives of SAARC.

Question: Explain the factors responsible for Pakistan`s failure in building a stable democracy. Describe any two pro-democracy factors present in Pakistan which can prove the way for establishing a lasting democratic set up over them.

Question: Explain six objectives of Non-alignment?

Question: How did the New International Economic order come into being? What reforms were proposed by UNCTAD in its report in 1972?

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Question: Mention any six Fundamental duties given in the Indian constitution?

Question: Analyze any three reasons for imposing emergency on 25th June 1975. Did the government misuse its emergency powers?

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