Extra Questions for Class 9 Biology

class 9 biology mock test

1 mark Biology questions:

Ques: State the reason of introducing Italian bee variety in bee farms.

Ques: “The wool being knitted into a sweater is a physical change.” Justify the statement.

Ques: What is meant by the term ‘green manure’ ? State its role in agriculture.

Ques: State one demerit with composite fish culture system.

Ques: List any two methods adopted in farming for the health of the cattle.

Ques: State one importance of photo period in agriculture.

Ques: Name one micronutrient and one macronutrient which plants take from the soil.

Ques: What are rabi crops ? State any two examples.

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Ques: List two desirable traits for fodder crops.

Ques: “From where do plants acquire the following nutrients ?
(a) Nitrogen
(b) Hydrogen

Ques: Name two breeds of cows selected for long lactation period.

Ques: Which nutrients are supplied by cereals and pulses ?

2 mark questions:

Ques: State two functions of Vacuoles in a plant cell.

Ques: What is composite fish culture system ? State one merit and one demerit of such a system.

Ques: (a) What is DNA? Where is it found ?
(b) Name the functional segment of DNA.

Ques: Why does the growth of a plant occur in specific regions ? Where are the following 2 found ?
(a) Intercalary Meristem
(b) Lateral Meristem

Ques: List two similarities between Mitochondria and Plastids.

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Ques: Name the connective tissue which helps in repair of tissues. State where this tissue is found.

Ques: (a) Name the organelle that is referred to as the ‘powerhouse of the cell’.
(b) Why is it called so ?

Ques: How can insect pests in crop plants and stored grains be controlled ?

Ques: What are weeds ? List two disadvantages of weeds.

Ques: (a) What would happen to the life of a cell if there was no golgi apparatus ?
(b) Which cell organelle detoxifies poisons and drugs in liver of vertebrates ?

3 marks Biology questions:

Ques: What is manure ? How is it prepared ? State its role in changing the quality of soil of a field having excess of : (i) Sand (ii) Clay

Ques: Make a table to show the difference between Striated, Unstriated and Cardiac Muscles on the basis of their structure and location in the body.

Ques: List any three desirable characters of bee varieties suitable for honey production ?

Ques: List any three ways by which the insect pests attack the plants.

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Ques: What is a connective tissue ? State its any two basic components. Differentiate between Ligament and Tendon.

Ques: List any six factors for which variety improvement in crops is done.

Ques: State the source of centripetal force that a planet requires to revolve around the sun.
On what factors does that force depend ? Suppose this force suddenly becomes zero, then in which direction will the planet begin to move if no other celestial body affects it?

Ques: How is green manure prepared ? When is it added to the crop plants ? What is the advantage of this type of manure ?

Ques: List six facilities that must be provided to cattle to ensure their good health and production of clean milk ?

Ques: List any three differences between prokaryotic cell and eukaryotic cell.

Ques: (a) Draw a labelled diagram of a neuron. (Three labellings)
(b) Identify the tissue which is made up of these cells.
(c) Name one organ that is made of this tissue.

Ques: Which cell organelles are called the power houses of the cell and why ? Why is ATP called energy currency of the cell ?

Ques: Write any three advantages of mixed cropping.

Ques: What do you understand by complex tissue ? Name the two types of complex permanent tissue present in plants ? Give one function of each complex tissue.

Ques: Explain the meanings of the following desirable factors for which crop variety improvement is done.
(a) Biotic and abiotic resistance
(b) Wider adaptability
(c) Desirable agronomic traits

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Ques: (a) What are substances that are transported by blood ?
(b) Draw any two types of white blood corpuscle.

5 marks questions:

Ques: (a) Draw a neat diagram of a plant cell and label the following parts :
(i) Cell Wall.
(ii) Nucleus.
(iii) Vacuole.
(iv) Golgi apparatus
(b) Name the energy currency of the cell. Which cell organelle releases this currency ?

Ques: (a) What are lysosomes ? Why are they called “suicide bags of a cell” ?
(b) What happens to the dry raisins when we put them in plain water for some time ? State the reason for whatever is observed. What would happen if these raisins are not placed in concentrated salt solution ?

Ques: Distinguish between intercropping and mixed cropping. List any two advantages of intercropping over mixed cropping.

Ques: State three management practices that are common in dairy and poultry farming.

Ques: Name the tissue responsible for flexibility in plants ? How would you differentiate it from other permanent tissues ?

Ques: (a) What is endoplasmic reticulum ?
(b) Describe its structure.
(c) Name the two types of endoplasmic reticulum.
(d) What crucial role does it play in the liver cells of vertebrates ?
(e) What is membrane biogenesis ?

Ques: (a) What is a cell ? Why is a cell called the structural and function unit of life ?
(b) Why is the plasma membrane called a selectivity permeable membrane ?

Ques: (a) State two types of plastics ? Write one function of each. (b) What is a ligament ? Mention its function.

Ques: (a) What are chromosomes ? List their two functions.
(b) What is areolar tissue and where is it found ? Give its two functions.

Ques: How will you separate dyes in black ink using chromatography ? Explain it with the help of diagram.

Ques: Draw a well labelled diagram of an animal cell.
(a) The organelle that contains powerful digestive enzymes
(b) The organelle that has its own DNA
(c) The organelle that forms cytoplasmic framework
(d) The organelle that helps in expelling excess water in amoeba.

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Ques: (a) Draw a well labelled diagram of a plant cell and label any 4 parts .
(b) Differentiate between plant cell and animal cell.

Ques: (a) Draw a neat and labelled diagram of a prokaryotic cell. (b) Differentiate between a prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell, (any 4 points of difference).

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