Degree Colleges in Chikkaballapur

List of Arts, Science, Commerce, Maganement Degree Colleges in Chikkaballapur District

Acharya Womens First Grade College
Address: Gowribidanur-561208, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka
Phone: 08155-284661
Courses: BA, BCom

AES National College
Address: Gowribidanur-561208
Phone: 08155 – 285050
Courses: BA, BSc, BCom

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BGS Institute of Management Studies
Address: BGS Campus, Chikkaballapura-562 101
Phone: 08156 – 263028
Courses: BCom, BBM

Brahmarshi Shilpa Gurukulam College
Address: Nandi Hills, Nandi-562 103, Chikkaballapura
Courses: BVA

Dolphin’s Degree College
Address: Near Poojamma Temple, Nellimaradahalli Road, Shidlagatta, Chikkaballapur
Phone: 08158 – 290520
Courses: BCom

Government First Grade College
Address: Bagepalli-561 207, Chikkaballapur
Phone: 08150 – 283637
Courses: BA, BSc, BCom, BBM

Government First Grade College
Address: Gowribidanur-561 208, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka
Phone: 08155 – 286060
Courses: BA, BSc, BCom, BBM

Government First Grade College for Boys
Address: Chintamani-563125
Phone: 08154 – 252114
Courses: BA, BCom, BBM

Government First Grade College for Women
Address: Chikaballapur-562101
Phone: 08156 – 273348
Courses: BA

Government First Grade College for Womens
Address: Chintamani-563125
Phone: 08154 – 255588
Courses: BA, BSc, BCom, BBM

Govt. First Grade College
Address: Shidlaghatta-562105
Phone: 958158 – 256483
Courses: BA, BCom, BBM

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Government First Grade College
Address: Gudibande-561 209, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka
Phone: 08156 – 261171
Courses: BA, B.Sc, B.B.M

Govt. First Grade College
Address: Chikkaballapura-562 101
Phone: 08156 – 272695
Courses: BA, BSc, BCom, BCA, BBM

National first Grade College
Address: Bagepalli-562 207, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka
Phone: 08150 – 282232
Courses: BA, BSc, BCom

Pragathi Science & Management Studies
Address: Chinthamani-563125
Phone: 08154 – 252193
Courses: BA, BSc, BCom, BBM

Preethi College of Management and Science
Address: M.G. Road, Chintamani, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka
Phone: 08154 – 250927
Courses: BCom, BBM

Royal Degree College
Address: Anjani Extension, Chintamani-563 125, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka
Phone: 08154 – 252984
Courses: BCom

Sri Krishna Rukmini First Grade College
Address: #40C, Chikkaballapur Industrial Area, Chikkaballapura-562 101
Courses: BA, BCom

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Sri. Govindatheertha College
Address: Visveshwaranagar, Nandi Chikkaballapur road, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka
Phone: 08156 – 250422
Courses: BA

Vikram Collee of Science
Address: Commerce & Mgmt. Studies, Chelur Road, Near Railway Track, Chintamai-563 125, Kolar
Phone: 08154 – 252019
Courses: BCom, BBM, BSc

Vishnupriya College of Management
Address: Chickaballapura-562102
Phone: 08156 –293053
Courses: B.Com, B.B.M

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