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ISRO Question Papers for PSO Recruitment

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Indian Space Research Organization Purchase and Stores Officer Recruitment Previous Year’s Question Papers:

ISRO PSO Recruitment 2007 Year Paper:

Q 1. Who wrote the first web browser?
(a) Bill Gates
(b) Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina
(c) Tim Berners-Lee
(d) Steve Jobs

Q 2. When was the Constitution of India enacted, signed and adopted by the Constituent Assembly?
(a) January 26, 1950
(b) December 11, 1946
(c) December 9, 1946
(d) November 26, 1949

Q 3. Who among the following have a right to vote in the Vice-Presidential election, but not in the Presidential election?
(a) Judges of the Supreme Court.
(b) Ministers who are not members of either of the houses of the State.
(c) Nominated members of the Parliament.
(d) Members of Parliament who are absent from all meetings of the Houses for a period of sixty days without the permission of the House.

Q 4. Phitiaur in Punjab, Azamgarh and Bijnor in UP. What links the winners of the 1989 elections in these three constituencies?
(a) Five-time winners
(b) All BSP candidates
(c) All members of the first Lok Sabha
(d) There are no links.

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Q 5. Unripe fruits contain
(a) amino acid
(b) uric acid
(c) lactic acid
(d) malic acid

Q 6. Who was the first person to introduce the logarithm tables?
(a) Benjamin Franklin
(b) T. A. Edison
(c) Napier
(d) Einstein

Q 7. Which plan was formulated against the backdrop of severe inflationary pressure? (The period of the plan was 1974-1979 but was terminated by the Janata Government in 1978, one year before the scheduled period.)
(a) Fifth Five Year Plan
(b) Second Five Year Plan
(c) Third Five Year Plan
(d) Sixth Five Year Plan

Q 8. This famous business personality earned money by repairing toy trains when he was 1Q 3. His father escaped from the British Police in 1920 and landed in the USA with $20 in his pocket and later married an American schoolteacher and settled in Philadelphia. His corporate headquarters is known as The Mountain. Identify him.
(a) Nani Gopal Bose
(b) Amar Gopal Bose
(c) Anand Gopal Bose
(d) Shashikant Bose

Q 9. “1 would have been a biscuit-maker,” he said, when asked in an interview what he would have been had it not been for his current job! Biscuit manufacturing would not have been a problem for him, as his father has been running Luckyland Biscuits for the past three decades,, and it now is the third-biggest biscuit maker in Sri Lanka. Name him.
(a) Sanath Jayasuriya
(b) Maravan Attapattu
(c) Rumesh Ratnayake
(d) Muttiah Muralidharan

Q 10. The prolific Sir Donald Bradman, who passed away recently, was dismissed for a duck in his last Test innings and hence could not finish his career with an average of 100. Who denied him that singular honour?
(a) Eric Hollies
(b) Larwood
(c) Tyldesley
(d) Jim Laker

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ISRO Purchase and Stores Officer 2008 Question Paper:

Q 1. Which of the following is a good conductor of heat but bad conductor of electricity?
(a) Asbestos
(b) Celluloid
(c) Pertex
(d) Mica

Q 2. Multiple myeloma is associated with
(a) Cancer of eye
(b) Cancer of bone
(c) Cancer of lung
(d) Cancer of brain

Q 3. The Sino-lndian border Sine is referred to as
(a) Mcmahon line
(b) Radcliffe line
(c) Mounbatten Line
(d) Mao – Gandhi line

Q 4. Which of the following types of soils have more moisture retaining capacity?
(a) Red Soils
(b) Alluvival Soils
(c) Black Cotton Soils
(d) Laterite Soils

Q 5. Mahalwari system of revenue settlement was introduced by the British in
(a) Bengal Presidency (b) Bombay Presidency
(c) Madras Presidency
(d) North-western provinces Presidency

Q 6. The tail of a comet always points away from the sun due to the
(a) force of repulsion between the charged particles of its gases.
(b) gravitational force exerted by sun on its gases.
(c) pressure exerted by the light of sun on its gases.
(d) centrifugal force on its rotating gases.

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Q 7. Which country gifted the Statue of Liberty to the USA?
(a) Portugal
(b) Spain
(c) France
(d) Italy

Q 8. In India, who is considered as the guardian of Public Purse?
(a) Comptroller and Auditor General
(b) Accountant General
(c) Finance Minister
(d) Parliament

Q 9. Which Article of the Constitution provides that it shall be the endeavour of every State to provide adequate facility for instruction in the mother tongue at the primary stage of education?
(a) Article 349
(b) Article 350
(c) Article 350A
(d) Article 351

Q 10. In India, if white revolution is associated with milk then ‘yellow revolution’ is associated with
(a) production of paddy
(b) production of oil seeds
(c) production wheat
(d) production of sunflower

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2011 Question Paper for PSO in Indian Space Research Organization:

Q 1. World’s first satellite dedicated to monitoring Green House Gas Emissions was launched by:
(a) Japan
(b) USA
(c) Russia
(d) India

Q 2. Nine Latin American countries have agreed on the creation of a regional currency called
(a) Sucre
(b) Alba
(c) Hugo
(d) Euro

Q 3. A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting in a row facing North. A is neighbour of B and D. E is the neighbour of C and F. D is the neighbour of C. How many members are there between A and E?
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 4

Q 4. If NOMERICAL is witten as MVLFQJBBK, then how would ASTROLOGY be written in this code ?

Q 5. Which of the following Writs is issued by the Court in case of Illegal detention of a person.
(a) Quo Warranto
(b) Certiorari
(c) Mandamus
(d) Habeas Corpus

Q 6. Finger prints : Forensic :: Handwriting : — ?
(a) Calligraphy
(b) Cartography
(c) Cryptography
(d) Shorthand

Q 7. Which of the following committee submitted its report in 2010 recommending de-recognition of 44 Deemed Universities in India ?
(a) Yashpal Committee
(b) Tandon Committee
(c) Rajamannar Committee
(d) Agrawal Committee

Q 8. High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), a new protocol for mobile telephone-data transmission-is also known as :
(a) 2G
(b) 4G
(c) 3G
(d) 3.5 G

Q 9. Isohumes are lines showing uniform
(a) Temperature
(b) Humidity
(c) Rainfall
(d) Pressure

Q 10.  Which of the following cities has been chosen as the venue for the 2014 Common Wealth Games ?
(a) Nairobi
(b) Christchurch
(c) Durban
(d) Glasgow

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