Nagaland Judicial Service Grade III English Previous Paper (PDF)

Judicial Service questions

Complete the sentences by filling in the blanks with the correct tenses from then given choices by indicating your option for each question :

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Ques. I wish you __ louder as I can’t hear what you say.
(a) were speaking (b) spoke (c) would speak (d) speak

Ques. The audience __ to take their seats please.
(a) is requested (b) have requested (c) may request (d) are requested

Ques. It __ all day yesterday before the garden wall collapsed
(a) rained (b) has been raining (c) had rained (d) was raining

Ques. Each member of this group __ guilty.
(a) is (b) are (c) is being (d) were

Ques. The Prime Minister __ to visit the hospital tomorrow.
(a) will (b) is (c) must (d) have

Ques. Last night the radio said that the volcano, Etna, in Sicily ___
(a) will erupt (b) is erupting (c) erupts (d) has to erupt

Ques. They say that the Princess __ incognito at the Sheraton
(a) have stayed (b) is staying (c) stay (d) will have been staying

Ques. She __ in Calcutta for a quarter of a century now
(a) will live (b) lived (c) has been living (d) had been living

Ques. When we went to their home, Sushma __ some fresh coffee for us
(a) made (b) has made (c) will make (d) is making

Ques. Evidence shows that Jackson __ inside the house at the time of the murder.
(a) was (b) has made (c) will make (c) is making

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Five alternative words are given. Find out which one of them would make the sentence correct and meaningful.

Ques. It is not easy to __ old customs
(a) leave (b) reject (c) shake off (d) give up (e) throw away

Ques. Kamla has nothing in common __ them
(a) with (b) for (c) about (d) by (e) through

Ques. Found guilty __ stealing, he was imprisoned for six months.
(a) of (b) with (c) for (d) Upon (e) to

Ques. They wanted advice __ how they could procure funds for their new business
(a) as (b) as (c) to (d) as if (e) any

Ques. He jumped __ my suggestion that he should take charge of the arrangements
(a) to (b) with (c) at (d) for (e) on

In the following test, you should choose the one word whose meaning is closest to the given word.

Ques. Patience
(a) Forbearance (b) Peacefulness (c) Anger (d) Recompense (e) steadfastness

Ques. Persuade
(a) Condole (b) Induce (c) Hinder (d) Persevere (e) Endure

Ques. Pique
(a) Complacency (b) Gratification (c) Flippancy (d) Resentment (e)   forwardness

Ques. Pleasant
(a) Palinful (b) Glum (c) Gratifying (d) Attractive (e) Agreeable

Ques. Precarious
(a) Unassured (b) Accurate (c) Unquestionable (d) Vilifying (e) Careless

Each of the following words is followed by five words one of which is its opposite in meaning. Specify the word which you find most nearly opposite in meaning.

Ques. Cheer
(a) warm (b) exhilarate (c) extenuate (d) Attenuate (e) Depress

Ques. Lethargic
(a) Immobile (b) Indolent (c) Unpleasant (d) Irresponsible (e) Hyperactive

Ques. Nadir
(a) Modernity (b) Zenith (c) Liberty (d) Progress (e) None of these

Ques. Chronic
(a) Acute (b) Fleeting (c) Irregular (d) Temporary (e) Recurring

Ques. Integrate
(a) Isolate (b) Analyse (c) Distinguish (d) Mark (e) Distribute

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