Quiz about Pakistan with Answers

Quiz questions about Pakistan with answers

Ques. The Muslim League demanded the creation of Pakistan (Pakistan resolution) in its session held on March 24, 1940 at
(a) Karachi
(b) Lahore
(c) Lucknow
(d) Aligarh

Ans. (b)

Ques. Peshawar is near
(a) Karakoram Pass
(b) ZojilaPass
(c) Namika-La Pass
(d) Khyber Pass

Ans. (c)

Ques. Who demarcated the line which separated India and Pakistan ?
(a) Sir Cyril Radcliffe
(b) Sir Mortiner Durand
(c) Sir Henry McMahon
(d) Lord Mountbatten

Ans. (c)

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Ques. The first Governor General of Pakistan was –
(a) Mohammed Ali Jinnah
(b) Muhammad Rafiq Tarar
(c) Mahira Khan
(d) Chaudhry Fazal Ellahi

Ans. (a)

Ques. The Pakistani President who died in an aircrash was –
(a) Yahya Khan
(b) Ghulam Ishaq Khan
(c) Zia-ul-Huq
(d) Wasin Sajjad

Ans. (c)

Ques. The name given to the border which separates Pakistan and Afghanistan is –
(a) McMahon Line
(b) Durand line
(c) Oder-Neisse Line
(d) Line of Control

Ans. (b)

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Ques. The emblem of Pakistan is –
(a) Lion
(b) Shamrock
(c) Cedar tree
(d) Crescent

Ans. (d)

Ques. Which line is the boundary between India and Pakistan ?
(a) 14th Parallel line
(b) 24th Parallel line
(c) 28th Parallel line
(d) 34th Parallel line

Ans. (b)

Ques. Who coined the term Pakistan?
(a) Chaudhary Rehmat Ali
(b) Sikandar Hayat Khan
(c) Fazlul Haq
(d) Khaliquuzzaman

Ans. (a)

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Ques. Who among the following received both Bharat Ratna and nishan-e-Pakistan?
(a) Liaquat Ali Khan
(b) Morarji Desai
(c) Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
(d) Ayub Khan

Ans. (b)

Some basic things to know about Pakistan:

The name Pakistan derives from the first letters of the four provinces – Punjab, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Indus. The word ‘Pakistan’ consists of the ending “-stan” which means place.

Pakistan was first declared a sovereign state on 14 August 1947 after being under British rule for 100 years. A resolution passed on 23rd March 1940 formally created Pakistan. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the first Prime Minister. There are no fewer than ninety-one cities in Pakistan. There are over a million people in the country today.

In the south of Pakistan, the climate is tropical sea and in the north, the climate is continental. Winters in Pakistan are warm and humid and the rainy season occurs from June to August. The northern parts of the country are considered to be more temperate and suitable for tourists. While the entire country experiences varying climates, the northern regions attract large numbers of foreign tourists. It is a popular travel destination for the people of Europe and Asia.

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