Railways Sample papers

Railway Question Paper 1

Railway Question Paper

This Railway Questions Paper (One) consist 40 questions from general awareness and current affairs, Reasoning Ability and General Intelligence based on Railway Recruitment Exam Syllabus .

Question 1:

During the period of Renaissance, the new style of architecture first developed in

(a) Italy

(b) France

(c) England

(d) Germany

Question 2:

Silicon dioxide is used in—

(a) Cement production

(b) Cutting hard precious metals

(c) Glass manufacture

(d) None of these

Question 3:

The manufacturing of steam engine in Chittranjan Locomotive Works was stopped in

(a) 1974

(b) 1961

(c) 1971

(d) 1973

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Question 4:

The Kofi Annan Institute for IT Excellence, has been set by India at____:

(a) Kenya

(b) Guatemala

(c) Ghana

(d) Durban

Question 5:

The United Nations Organisation was formed on—

(a) October 20, 1945

(b) November 11, 1944

(c) October 24, 1945

(d) June 26, 1946

Question 6:

Sir Charles Wood’s Despatch of 1854 delat with

(a) Administrative reforms

(b) Social reforms

(c) Economic reforms

(d) Educational reforms

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Question 7:

Protective foods in our diet are

(a) Fats and vitamins

(b) Carbohydrates and minerals

(c) Vitamins and minerals

(d) Proteins and carbohydrates

Question 8:

Who among the following is the official sponsors of the Indian team at the Asian Games to be held in Busan, South Korea?

(a) Phillips

(b) Sahara

(c) LG

(d) Samsung

Question 9:

Who discovered the solar system?

(a) Copernicus

(b) Kepler

(c) Aryabhatta

(d) Newton

Question 10:

Which of the following is an example of a plant that bears seeds but not fruits?

(a) Cotton Plant

(b) Peepal tree

(c) Eucalyptus tree

(d) Pine tree

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