The Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, astronomer, and inventor, Archimedes of Syracuse, is regarded as one of the most important scientists of classical antiquity.

Aside from being a great mathematician, Archimedes also invented a variety of tools and machines.

Archimedes was fascinated with mathematics and was very interested in finding out how things worked.

His calculations were so important that he would sometimes forget to eat, and he would scribble notes on any available surface.

He used a stick to draw figures on the ground, and he even used his finger to trace figures on his skin with olive oil.

One of his inventions was the odometer, which he used to measure distances.

Another invention was the compound pulley, which allowed people to pull large ships using just one rope.

His many inventions made him the father of mathematics and physics. He also invented the screw and lever.

In addition to making the Archimedes screw, Archimedes also invented the catupult, a device that could lift water and a screw pump, which is used in modern-day pumps.

During his life, Archimedes lived in Syracuse, the largest Greek city in Sicily. He died in 212 B.C. when the Romans invaded Syracuse.

His tombstone was engraved with an image of a sphere inside a cylinder, which illustrates his geometrical treatises.