A fictional character's appearance is created through words; their physical appearance is created in the reader's mind.

Whether a fictional character is a cartoon character or an animated character or a person playing a character on screen, the physical appearance of the character resides in the mind of the reader.

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However, the physical appearance of the character is enacted by actors, usually through scripts, and may be a cartoon or graphic image.

While a fictional character's appearance and behavior may differ from their real-life counterparts, their basic characteristics are the same.

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A fictional character can be an animal or human.

Some of the best-known fictional characters are Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Mickey Mouse, James Bond, Bugs Bunny and Forrest Gump.

Fictional characters can also be based on real-life individuals.

In fact, fiction is an important part of plotting stories. You can find many examples of fictional characters from books, movies, and video games.

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