The Internet is an enormous network of billions of computers, which allows people to communicate and access almost any type of information.

While there is no centralized body that runs the internet, there are a number of groups that oversee it.

These organizations include the Internet Society, which is a nonprofit international body with its headquarters in Reston, Virginia.

Another nonprofit private organization, ICANN, oversees the policies and standards for domain names and other internet-based content.

You can get news, shop for anything you want, or even create a community of people online.

It's shifted our focus from physical space, family, and work, to individual interests and communities.

Today, communities are being formed within the virtual environment of social networking sites, and they're increasingly becoming the preferred platforms for communication and businesses.

The internet has both positive and negative effects on society.

On the one hand, it allows people to share knowledge easily and can reduce social isolation. Yet, it can also lead to unhealthy habits linked to low self-esteem and life satisfaction.

Furthermore, older people are much less likely to use the internet than younger people.