Euclid was a Greek mathematician who lived around 300 BCE.

His works are based on the works of Eudoxus and Theaetetus, two earlier mathematicians.

Euclid is often considered a bridge between Athens and Alexandria. However, his life is less well known than other ancient mathematicians.

Euclid is best known for his work on geometry, however, his work was not limited to this.

He also wrote about other topics, including optics, catoptrics, and perspective.

The name Euclid is derived from a Greek word that means "reknowned and glorious".

His book is widely considered the oldest major work in mathematics.

It was first translated into Latin by English monk Adelard of Bath in 1120 AD.

A century later, the English merchant Sir Henry Billingsley translated the work into English.

His book has remained in circulation ever since.