West Bengal B. Ed. and B. P. Ed Colleges

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Ali Yabar Jung National Institute For Hearing Handicapped
Eastern Regional Centre , B.T.Road, Bonhooghly, Kol-700090.
Ph:- 9051414302, 2531-1427

National Institute Mentally Handicapped
Eastern Regional Centre, B.T. Road, Bonhooghly, Kol-700090.
Ph:- 9748257684, 2531-1357

40, Bonhooghly Govt. Colony , Kol- 700108
Ph:- 033-2578- 1665/4833

Gandhi Centenary B.T. College
Habra, North 24 Pgs, Pin-743468
Ph:- 03216-237199

Gopal Chandra Memorial College Of Education
New Barrackpore, North 24 Pgs, Kol- 700131
Ph:- 033-2567-2826, 033-25675823

Nandalal Ghosh B.T. College
Panpur, P.O.-Narayanpur,North 24 Pgs, Pin-743126
Ph:- 033-2580-1826

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Satyapriya Roy College Of Education
AA287, Sector-I, Bidhannnagar, Kol- 700064
Ph:- 033-2334-2430

Govt. College Of Education
Banipur, Habra, North 24 Pgs, Pin- 743233.
Ph:- 9433473799, 03216- 270104

Post Graduate Govt. Institute For Physical Education
Banipur, Habra , North 24 Parganas, Pin- 743233
Ph:- 9434301657, 03216-237032

Ramakrishna Mission Brahmananda College Of Education
Rahara, North 24 Pgs, Kol-700118
Ph:- 2568-2021/2523- 6753

Kolkata Teachers’ Training College
Panpur, P.O.-Narayanpur, North 24 Pgs, Pin-743126
Ph:- 2502-1179

Swami Vivekananda College Of Education For Women
20Riverside Road, P.O.- Vivekanandamath, Barrackpore, Kol- 700120
Ph:- 9836254599, 2594-7106

Madhyamgram B.Ed. College
20/30/A Nadibhag Badu Road, Madhyamgram, Kol-700128
Ph:- 9331532872, 2711-6516 2711-6528

Gobardanga Hindu College (B.Ed)
Khantura, North 24 Pgs, Pin-743273
Ph:- 9432324778

Basirhat Mahabodhi College Of Education
Champapukur, North 24 Pgs, Pin-743291
Ph:- 9830173646, 03217-249152

Frontpage College Of Education
Dewanati, P.O.- Hadipur, P.S.- Deganga, North 24 Pgs, Pin-743443.
Ph:- 9732576845

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Adamas Institute Of Teacher Education
Sachis Kiron Roy Memorial Trust, 11/1, B.T.Road, Dishari Bhavan, Kol- 700056.
Ph:- 9433545419

Adarsha College Of Education
Kadambagachhi, P.S.- Barasat, Kol- 700124.
Ph:- 8420005777, 9007404710/91432 22330

Sundarban Anil Krishna Mahavidyalaya(B.Ed.)
Vill-Parghumti, P.O.-Paschim Parghumti, P.S.- Hingalganj, North 24 Parganas, Pin- 743439
Ph:- 09437341848, 9432858660/98302 04355

M.R. College Of Education
Bira (Balisa), PsAshokenagar, North 24 Pgs, Pin- 743234
Ph:- 9734416128, 9732576845

Sundarban Minority B.Ed. College
Amtalabazar, P.O.-Kumarjole, P.S.-Minakhan, North 24 Parganas, Pin-743425
Ph:- 9733728271

Tanmoy College Of Higher Education (B.Ed)
Sindrani, P.S.-Bagdah, North 24 Parganas , Pin-743297
Ph:- 09437211404, 03473-265432

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Vivodhananda Saraswati Teachers’ Training College
Chandanhati, Barasat, North 24 Parganas, Kolkata-700128
Ph:- 9836415177, 9831775071

Adyapeath Annada B.Ed. College
50, D.D. Mondal Ghat Road, Kolkata-700076
Ph:- 09450178863, 033-2564-6888, 9339147903

Bishnupriya College Of Education
B,B/1,B/A&C, Nadibhag, P.O.-Kazipara, P.S.- Madhyamgram, Kolkata-700125
Ph:- 9563431477, 9232698575

Chakra Teachers’ Training College
West Dhania, Gadamara Hat, North 24 Parganas, Pin- 743711
Ph:- 07873546851, 9830444040

Wali Institute Of Teachers’ Education
Kadambagachhi , North 24 Parganas
Ph:- 9831713138, 9831497388

Rizia Bibi Academy Of Teachers’ Education
Sonatikari, P.O.- Baidyapur, North 24 Pgs
Ph:- 7407561000, 9830452014

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Al Hera College Of Education
Kodalia, P.O.- Dakshin Bagundi, North 24 parganas, Pin- 743429
Ph:- 09793574751, 9836459860

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