Does Puerto Rico Vote For the US President?

The answer is complicated, mainly due to the island's status as a U.S. territory.

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While the island enjoys full citizenship, it lacks full political representation in the U.S. government.

As such, the island has developed its own brand of nationalism.

It also continues to grapple with the legacy of colonialism.

The United States has repeatedly urged Puerto Rico to hold a referendum to determine its status in the U.S., but Congress has not yet approved such a referendum.

While Puerto Rico did hold a plebiscite in 1993, none of the three status propositions received a majority of votes.

In the past, Congress and Federal courts have often confused the issue of whether Puerto Rico should be a US territory or a Commonwealth.

In many cases, Puerto Rico has retained its unincorporated territorial status, with local self-government limited to internal affairs.

There is NO Electoral College system to let the people of Puerto Rico to vote for the US President's election.