Agricultural activity refers to growing plants and livestock, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other products.

These products provide us with food, fiber, textiles, and animal hides.

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It is also vital for our environment and provides for our basic needs.

It was one of the key developments that led to sedentary human civilization.

Agriculture created a surplus of food that allowed people to build cities.

Ancient peoples used agricultural methods to cultivate food and survive in a world of scarcity.

They lived in villages and focused their time on food production.

The earliest farmers learned crop rotation. Later, they introduced new crops to the world like corn, beans, and tobacco, along with potatoes and other crops.

As a result, agricultural practices were developed in many places.

You should also know about Mono-cropping, a method of agriculture that involves planting only one type of crop on a given plot.

This practice is harmful to the environment because it strips the soil of natural features.

It also creates a toxic environment and leaves it prone to soil erosion.

This method is not good for the environment and will eventually lead to deforestation and ecosystem degradation.

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