Kalyani University B. Ed and B. P. Ed Colleges

B. P. Ed. Colleges:

Prabharani Institute of Education (Physical Education College)
Chanak, Murshidabad, Pin-742184
Ph: 03483-270002

Sunil Dhar Memorial B. P. Ed. College
Panchthupi, Murshidabad, Pin742161
Ph: 03483-271882

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Government Aided B. Ed. Colleges:

Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education
Shimurali, Nadia, Pin – 741248
Ph: 03473-225035

Union Christian Training College
Baharampur, Murshidabad, Pin – 742101
Ph: 03482-250254

Private B. Ed Colleges:

Abdus Sattar Memorial College of Education
Natatala, Lalgola, Paharpur , Murshidabad, Pin-742148
Ph: 03483-274052

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Academy B.Ed. College
Bagchi Jamsherpur, Nadia, Pin – 741122, West Bengal
Ph: 03471-257079

Al Hilal Mission Teachers Training Institute
Kuli-Chowrasta,, Kulikandi, Murshidabad, Pin-742168, West Bengal
Ph: 03484-222021

Angel Teachers Training Academy
Rampur, Rajput Teghori, Jangipur, Murshidabad, Pin– 742213
Website: www.angelacademy.org.in

Antony B.Ed. College
Sagarpara, Murshidabad, Pin – 742306
Ph: 03481-250080

Aurangabad B. Ed. College
Aurangabad, Murshidabad, Pin742201
Ph: 03485-262254

Aurangabad B. Ed. Training College
Purulia, Aurangabad, Murshidabad, Pin742201, West Bengal
Website:www. abtcollege.org
Ph: 03485-263102

Azad Mission Teachers Training College
Jibanti, Murshidabad, Pin-742136, West Bengal
Ph: 03484-266064

Bagchi Jamsherpur Namita-Sankar B. Ed. College
Jamsherpur, Nadia, Pin741122
Ph: 03471-258482

Baluchar PTTI
Goljarbag, Jiaganj, Murshidabad, Pin-742123, West Bengal
Ph: 03483-257200

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Bengal College of Education
Dakshinnagar, Palsanda, Murshidabad, Pin-742184
Ph: 03482-224631

Berhampore B.Ed. College
3/15,Girija Para Lane, P.O.-Khagra, Dist.–Murshidabad Pin-742103, West Bengal
Website: www.berhamporebed.org
Ph: 03482-200597

Bhaktabala B.Ed. College
Telakpur, Nadia, Pin – 741164
Website: www.bbbedcollege.com
Ph: 03472-291060

Bhimpur Mohanananda College of Education
P.O.-Bhimpur-741167, Nadia
Website: www.bhimpurmce.org
Ph: 03472-264699

Bhujanga Bhusan Ushangini B.Ed. Institution
Ushagram, Burwan, Kuli-Kandi Dist.Murshidabad, Pin-742168, West Bengal
Ph: 03484-260344

Chaitanya College of Education
Singhati, Ghateswar, Nadia, Pin741154, West Bengal
Ph: 03472-261344

Chhaya Ghosh Mahila B.Ed. College
Barakhana, Lalbag, Roshanbag, Murshidbad, Pin742149
Ph: 03482-270253

Dainhat Joyma Tara PTTI
Kanralia , Balidanga Faridpur, Nadia, Pin–741153, West Bengal
Ph: 03474-269753

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Teachers’ Training College
P.O.P.S. Daulatabad, Murshidabad, Pin 742302
Ph: 03481-232141

Durgapur Anandamoy B.Ed. College
Durgapur, Kalirhat, Dist.Nadia, Pin-741184
Ph: 03472-255589

Education College
Basantapur, Dumkal, Murshidabad, Pin-742406, West Bengal

Gokhurapota B.Ed. College
Chapra, Nadia

Gitanjali B.Ed. College
Narasinghapur, Sagarpara , Murshidabad, Pin-742306, West Bengal
Ph: 03481-2500110

Hadechha Lachhimuddin B.Ed. College
Goribpur, Murshidabad, Pin-742121
Website: www.hlbedcollege.org
Ph: 03482-248511

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Indira Gandhi Teachers Training Institute
Nowda, Murshidabad, Pin 742183.
Ph: 03482-247146

Jakir Hossain B. Ed. College
Miapur, Ghorshala, Murshidabad, Pin-742225, West Bengal
Website: www.jakirhossainbed.college.org
Ph: 03485-263203

Jalangi B. Ed. College
Jalangi, Sagarpara, Mursidabad, Pin742306, West Bengal
Website: www.jalangibedcollege.org
Ph: 03481-250266

Jiaganj Institute Of Education & Training
Jiaganj, Murshidabad, Pin742123
Website: www.jiaganjiet.com
Ph: 03483-256200

JRSET College of Education
Uttar Panchpota, Chakdaha, Nadia, Pin741222
Website: www.jrseducation.com
Ph: 03473-246898

Krishnanagar B. Ed. College
56, Ramsey Road, Krishnanagar, Dist.Nadia, Pin741101
Website: www.kbed.net
Ph: 03472-654583

Maharaja Mahindra Chandra B.Ed. College
Sagarpara, Jalangi, Murshidabad, Pin-742306
Website: www.mmcbedcollege.org
Ph: 03481-250809

Matiari B.Ed. College
Matiari, Nadia, Pin 741153, West Bengal
Website: www.matiaribedcollege.org
Ph: 03474-269207

Monarch College of Education
Bhajarampur, Nischintapur, Murshidabad, Pin742165
Website: www.monarchbed.org
Ph: 03482-290050

Moulana Abul Kalam Azad College of Education
Gobindapur, Juginda, Murshidabad, Pin742406
Website: www.makace.org
Ph: 03481-230687

Murshidabad Minority B.Ed. College
Sadikhan’s Dearh. Murshidabad, Pin742303, West Bengal
Website: www.mmbedcollege.org

Nathulal Das B.Ed. College
Manikpur, Dafahat742224, Murshidabad
Website: www.nathulaldasbed.org

Netaji B.Ed. Training College
Bhabki, Mahesail, Murshidabad, Pin-742201
Website: www.netajibed.com
Ph: 03485-242317

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose PTTI
Ransagar, P.O.P.S., Murshidabad, Pin-742149
Website: www.bed.nscbptti.org
Ph: 03482-271786

Nibedita Teachers Training College
Narasinghapur , Sagarpara, Jalangi, Murshidabad, Pin– 742306, West Bengal
Website: www.nttc.in
Ph: 03481-250001

Pandit Raghunath Murmu Teachers’ Training College
Nabagram, Palsanda More, Murshidabad, Pin742184
Website: www.panditrmttc.com
Ph: 03483-220210

Plassey Teacher Training Institute
Plassey Nemaichadpur, Kaliaganj, Plassey, Nadia, Pin-741156
Website: pttibed.org
Ph: 03474-262586

Prabharani B. Ed. College
Banjetia, Baharampur, Murshidabad, West Bengal
Website: www.prabharani.org.in
Ph: 03482-256937

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Prabharani Institute of Education (B.Ed. College)
Chanak, Murshidabad, Pin-742074
Ph: 03483-270002

Renuka Debi B. Ed. College
Shyamnagar, Nadia, Pin741155
Website: renukadebibedcollege.org
Ph: 03471-252323

Sagardighi Teachers’ Training College
Monigram, Murshidabad, Pin-742237, West Bengal
Website: www. sttc.co.in

Sambhunath Memorial College of Education B. Ed.
Bokhara, Sagardighi, Murshidabad, Pin-742226
Website: www.smcebedcollege.com
Ph: 03483-233222

Santipur B.Ed. College
Babla Dakshinpara, Santipur, Nadia, Pin – 741404
Website: www.santipurbedcollege.com
Ph: 03472-283086

Seva Varati B.Ed. College
Nabipur, Murshidabad, Pin-742308
Website: www.seva-varatibed.org
Ph: 03481-240074

Shyamangini Kundu College of Education
Salar, Murshidabad, Pin742401
Website: www.skunduce.org
Ph: 03484-273038

Sri Ramkrishna Sarada College of Education
Bahara, Kandi, Murshidabad, Pin-72137
Ph: 03484-255563

St Marys College Bachelor of Education And Higher Studies
Aishtala, Ranaghat, Nadia , Pin741201
Website: www.stmaryseducollege.com
Ph: 03473-251376

Suniti Educational Trust
B – 8/7(C.A.), Kalyani, Nadia, Pin-741235, West Bengal
Website: www.sunitiedu.com
Ph: 033-25826084

Syed Muztoba Ali College of Education
Sherpur, Shahi-Sherpur, Murshidabad , Pin—742159
Website: www.smaced.org
Ph: 03484-223258

BKJK School of Education
Barakulberia–741150, Nadia
Website: www.ckrie.org

CKR Institution of Education
Chotokulbaria, Bhurulia – 741157, Nadia
Website: www.bkjkse.org

Netaji Subhash College of Education
Ramchandrapur, Gopinathpur – 741155, Nadia, West Bengal
Website: www.palashiparansce.org.in

Provadevi B.Ed. College
Barnia 741156, Nadia
Website: www.probhadevibedcollege.org.in

Kabiguru College of Education
Rahamatpur –741165, Nadia
Website: www.kgce.in
Ph: 03471-270155

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Rosomoyee Vivekananda Topoban Pathagar
Palsanda More -742238, Murshidabad
Website: www.kabigurunctc.org
Ph: 03482-257251

Kaviguru Nobel Centenary Training College
Kalitala 742133, Maniknagar, Murshidabad
Website: www.kabigurunctc.org
Ph: 03482-201410

Kabi Kritibas B. Ed. College
Natapuli, Gangsara Majhergram 741233, Nadia, West Bengal
Website: wwwkabikritibasbedcollege.com

Sofia Memorial B. Ed. College
Kendua, Beniagram -742212, Murshidabad
Website: www.sofiamemorialbedcollege.co.in
Ph: 03485-251786

Abdur Rahim Panchanan Pal Institution
Choa 742166, Murshidabad
Website: www.arppinstitution.org
Ph: 03482-230300

Bhimpur B. Ed. College
Dafarpota, Bhimpur – 741167, Nadia

Minerva Academy B. Ed. College
Amritakunda – 742136, Murshidabad, West Bengal
Website: www.mabedcollege.org
Ph: 03482-272113

Chandradweep College of Education
Choa 742182, Murshidabad

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