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We are a group of friends who work on this website after their regular job hours, so it would be best to contact relevant person given below for faster response.

For any general inquiry / partnership / collaboration / advertisement: examsegg[at]

For any technical issue / error: vishalarora.08sep[at]

For any issue with objection with any content / content removal / copyright: yashbansal_12dec[at]

For topic suggestions / incorrect answer / question explanation / query: priyajindal.08apr[at] or richa.pappulal[at]

We are open for ideas / suggestions / feedback or enquiry regarding:

  • Share your ideas and views or bug problem on this website.
  • Ask about particular topic suggestions etc.
  • Site improvement/ suggestion.
  • Report any abuse on this website.
  • Report technical issue

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Examsegg (PLC Educators)

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Contact Person: Yash Bansal
11591 KY-94, Murray, KY 42071, USA
Email: yashbansal_12dec[at]

India Address:
Contact Person: Ankita Malhotra / Priya Jindal
137, Prem Nagar, Ghaziabad, UP, India
Email: priyajindal.08apr[at]

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