Quiz on Famous Brands Logo

Famous logos quiz:

This logo represents a famous car brand:

dodge car logo

(a) Dodge
(b) Rolls-Royce
(c) Bentley
(d) Mercedes

Ans. (a)

Most controversial Social Media X used to be this:


(a) WeChat
(b) LinkedIn
(c) SAP
(d) twitter

Ans. (d)

One of America’s largest department store chains


(a) Walmart
(b) Kohl’s
(c) Target
(d) Best Buy

Ans. (c)

What type of apple is on the Apple Records logo?
(a) Cox’s Orange Pippin
(b) Golden Delicious
(c) Gravenstein
(d) Granny Smith

Answer. (d)

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One of the biggest car brands


(a) Tata
(b) Renault
(c) PSA
(d) Nissan

Ans. (a)

Which one is the logo of a famous hair products brand?


(a) Benson & Hedges
(b) Uber
(c) Guinness
(d) Brylcreem

Ans. (d)

This one is the biggest German car company.


(a) Volkswagen
(b) Opel
(c) BMW
(d) Mansory

Ans. (a)

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Which famous French brand logo is this?

louis vuitton logo

(a) Chanel
(b) Louis Vuitton
(c) Hermès
(d) L’Oréal Paris

Ans. (b)

Identify the famous watch brand

omega watch

(a) Seiko
(b) Cartier
(c) Omega
(d) Tissot

Ans. (c)

One of biggest social media websites on Earth:

facebook logo

(a) Flipkart
(b) Flickr
(c) Friendfeed
(d) Facebook

Ans. (d)

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World-known oil company:


(a) PetroChina
(b) Rosneft
(c) bp
(d) Shell

Ans. (d)

No 1 Bank in the World:

icbc logo

(a) Industrial and Commercial Bank Of China Ltd
(b) Bank of America
(c) JPMorgan Chase
(d) The Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Ans. (a)

This is the world’s biggest payment gateway?


(a) Skrill
(b) Paypal
(c) Stripe
(d) Payza

Ans. (b)

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This one is the world’s biggest Internet company-


(a) Tencent
(b) Meta
(c) Alphabet
(d) Bytedance

Ans. (c)

This is one of the largest GPU manufacturers?


(a) Nvidia
(b) Intel
(c) AMD
(d) Qualcomm

Ans. (a)

This brand is the world’s most valuable company.


(a) Alibaba
(b) Apple
(c) Oracle
(d) Meituan

Ans. (b)

This logo represents one of the fastest growing video sharing platforms in the world.


(a) tumblr
(b) flickr
(c) tiktok
(d) pinterest

Ans. (c)

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Logo of one of the Biggest Banks in America

jpmorgan chase

(a) Jpmorgan Chase
(b) NatWest Group
(c) Unicredit Bank AG
(d) Bank of Montreal

Ans. (a)

One of them is a famous car brand’s logo. Identify which one?

hyundai symbol

(a) Honda
(b) Hundai
(c) Kia Motors
(d) Mazda

Ans. (b)

What company owns the largest operating system?

microsoft logo

(a) Microsoft
(b) Google
(c) Linux
(d) Apple

Ans. (a)

Which of them is a famous food brand’s logo?

mcdonalds logo

(a) Wendy’s
(b) Broaster
(c) Mcdonald’s
(d) Taco Bell

Ans. (c)

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What famous clothing brand logo is this?


(a) Shiseido
(b) Versace
(c) Guerlain
(d) Clinique

Ans. (b)

This brand is among the world’s largest Telecommunications company. Can you name it?

huawei logo

(a) Huawei
(b) Nokia
(c) Extreme Networks
(d) VMware

Ans. (a)

This brand is among the world’s largest consumer goods companies. Can you name it?


(a) Procter & Gamble
(b) L’Oréal
(c) Nestlé SA
(d) Unilever

Ans. (d)

Which famous apparel brand does this logo represent?


(a) Dior
(b) Gucci
(c) Prada
(d) Louis Vuitton

Ans. (b)

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This animal logo belongs to a very famous car company. Which one?

mercedes benz logo

(a) Porsche
(b) Lexus
(c) Mercedes Benz
(d) Chrysler

Ans. (c)

This one is China’s biggest messaging app.

we chat

(a) Sina Weibo
(b) Wechat
(c) Telegram
(d) Line

Ans. (b)

This logo represents one of the largest conglomerates. Identify which one?

Reliance Industries

(a) Danaher
(b) Softbank
(c) Reliance Industries
(d) Honeywell International

Ans. (c)

This one is a famous social Media brand’s logo. Can you identify it?


(a) Twitter
(b) Youtube
(c) Yelp
(d) Reddit

Ans. (d)

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This is one of the richest sports teams in the world:

dallas cowboys

(a) Real Madrid
(b) New England Patriots
(c) NFL
(d) Dallas Cowboys

Ans. (d)

Which famous automobile brand does this logo represent?


(a) Soueast
(b) Simca
(c) Honda
(d) Superformance

Ans. (c)

Which famous multinational Conglomerate brand’s logo is this?

General Electric

(a) Tencent
(b) General Electric
(c) Thyssenkrupp
(d) Adani

Ans. (b)

Identify the Biggest UK Bank’s logo


(a) Lloyds Banking Group
(b) Royal Bank of Scotland Group
(c) Santander UK
(d) HSBC Holdings

Ans. (d)

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Identify the famous motorcycle tire brand’s logo


(a) Michelin
(b) Firestone
(c) CEAT
(d) Aeolus

Ans. (b)

Identify the famous IT products and services-


(a) Wipro
(b) Dell
(c) IBM
(d) Cisco

Ans. (d)

What famous sportswear brand is this?


(a) Nike
(b) Adobe
(c) Reebok
(d) Puma

Ans. (a)

This logo represents a famous pizza brand. Identify which one?

Dominos Pizza

(a) Papa John’s
(b) Pizza Hut
(c) Little Caesars
(d) Dominos

Ans. (d)

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This logo represents the largest oil brand. Identify which one?

Saudi Aramco

(a) Saudi Aramco
(b) ExxonMobil
(c) Chevron
(d) Shell

Ans. (a)

This is one of the world’s biggest coffee brands:


(a) Starbucks
(b) Scottish Blend
(c) Kinley
(d) Lipton

Ans. (a)

Which Pen company’s logo is this?


(a) Montblanc
(b) Cross
(c) Sheaffer
(d) Parker

Ans. (d)

This company is known for the world’s most reliable car brand.


(a) Chevrolet
(b) Subaru
(c) Toyota
(d) Suzuki

Ans. (c)

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Logo of Biggest Electric Car company-


(b) Tesla
(d) Gemballa

Ans. (b)

Which famous Cloud Software and Security comapny does this logo represent?


(a) NortonLifeLock
(b) McAfee
(c) ESET
(d) Trend Micro

Ans. (a)

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