Different Train Compartment (Coach) Types

Indian Railways – Travel Classes / Compartments / Coaches Codes:

Indian Railways have different traveling coaches, including non-AC and AC coaches, with other services and prices. There is no necessity for a train to have all of these class coaches, but have at least one of these traveling class coaches.

General Class (Code: GEN):

This is Travel without a seat guarantee; with a General ticket, you can board only the General compartment of the train; however, seat availability is totally based on first come, first get and mutual adjustment (that’s why they are always overcrowded). Also, not all trains have a General Compartment. So you can travel in very few trains with a General Coach (some people call bogie in everyday language).

Train General Compartment

The good thing about General Class travel is it is not bound to train. If multiple trains run on a route and have a General Compartment, you can travel in any of them without a seat reservation. There are only one or two General Compartments in most trains.

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Second Seater Class (Code: 2S):

Different Train Compartment (Coach) Types

Second Seating Class

This is considered the best affordable way to travel short-distance journeys. In 2S class, there are multiple seating sets (usually 3 x 3 seat sets) and 108 seats.  You need to reserve a seat before traveling. 2S coaches are most common in Jan Shatabdi Trains.

Sleeper Class (Code: SL):

Different Train Compartment (Coach) Types

Sleeper Class Bogie

The sleeper class is a regular sleeping compartment most common for travelers. With a Sleeper Class Travel Ticket, you get a whole seat like shown above, on which you can comfortably sleep. Usually, there are 72 seats in each Sleeper class. Almost all trains have Sleeper Class compartments; in many long-route trains, more than 50% of coaches are sleeper class. Some trains with Sleeper class are Karnataka Express, Mussori Express, and Golden Temple Mail.

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Air Conditioned Chair Car Class (Code: CC):

Different Train Compartment (Coach) Types

Chair Car Train Compartment

AC chair car is precisely like second seating but is air-conditioned and better served. Day trains (short-distance trains) and special trains (AC double deck seats) mostly have chair car coaches. Some CC class trains are New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi and New Delhi-Ajmer Shatabdi.

Executive Chair Car (EC): Some trains have EC class instead of CC class, which is almost the same as CC; the only difference is there are 4 seats per row in Executive Chair Car, and Chairs have 5 seats per row.

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Air Conditioned Three-Tier Class (Code: 3A):

Different Train Compartment (Coach) Types

AC 3-Tier Class

Sleeper class 3A also has three beds (bunks), i.e., Upper, Middle, and Lower, but these are Air Conditioned and better appointed than Sleeper class. There are a total of 64 seats (bunks) in each coach. Some Trains with the 3A class coaches are Garib Rath, Duranto, AC Special, Chennai Express, etc.

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Second Seating Class (Code: 2A):

Different Train Compartment (Coach) Types

AC 2-Tier Class

Second-seating coaches are more private, spacious, and comfortable than 3A classes, with only 48 seats / Bunks.  There is a private curtain and reading light for each passenger. Almost all essential trains, including Rajdhani and Shatabdi, have 2A class compartments.

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First Class AC Coach (Code: 1A):

Different Train Compartment (Coach) Types

First Class Coach

First Class or 1A coaches are the most expensive travel class on Indian Railways; hence, they are most maintained, spacious, private, and luxurious. There is one attendant per coach, and usually, there are 16 to 18 seats in each first-class coach (including Couple Coupe). Only some trains on popular routes have 1A class coaches.

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