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Question about England’s history, sports, politics, geography, places, universities, laws, cities, kings, queens, important people and other general topics.

Ques. From 1931 to 1935 what was the speed limit for cars and motorcycles in the UK in built-up areas?
(a) 30 mph (48 km/h)
(b) None, there was no speed limit
(c) 70 mph (112 km/h)
(d) 10 mph (16 km/h)
Ans. (b)

Ques. The length of the English channel is –
(a) 564 kilometres
(b) 534 kilometres
(c) 464 kilometres
(d) 584 kilometres
Ans. (a)

Ques. What organisation, set up to encourage sci­entific research, was founded in 1648 and obtained a charter from King Charles II in 1660?
(a) Newton Committee
(b) National Geographic
(c) Royal Society
(d) Naked Science
Ans. (c)

Ques. Magna Karta is also known as the
(a) Bible of English Culture
(b) Bible of English Land
(c) Bible of English people
(d) Bible of English Constitution
Ans. (d)

Ques. The oldest residential university of Britain is the –
(a) King’s College
(b) Oxford University
(c) Imperial College
(d) University of Edinburgh
Ans. (b)

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Ques. National game of England –
(a) Football
(b) Cricket
(c) Rugby
(d) Swimming
Ans. (b)

Ques. Which town in Lincolnshire, UK, is the birthplace of Margaret Thatcher, and has connections with Isaac Newton, Nicholas Parsons and Richard Todd?
(a) Grantham
(b) Grimsby
(c) Mablethorpe
(d) Scunthorpe
Ans. (a)

Ques. The Heathrow Airport is located in –
(a) Bristol
(b) London
(c) Glasgow
(d) Belfast
Ans. (b)

Ques. Which of these was a nickname for Elizabeth I?
(a) Speedos
(b) Gloriana
(c) Ellie the Great
(d) Liza with a ”Z”
Ans. (b)

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Ques. The famous British one-eyed Admiral was –
(a) F. Lanchester
(b) Robert Edwards
(c) Nelson Ceylon
(d) Samuel Cohen
Ans. (c)

Ques. The first British University to admit women for degree courses was –
(a) University of Oxford
(b) University of Bristol
(c) London University
(d) Durham University
Ans. (c)

Ques. Where is the United Kingdom’s National Space Centre?
(a) Bristol
(b) Runnymede
(c) Cardiff
(d) Leicester
Ans. (d)

Ques. Who was the first British monarch to be named “Empress of India”?
(a) Elizabeth I
(b) Elizabeth II
(c) Anne
(d) Victoria
Ans. (d)

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Ques. Winston Churchil died in the year
(a) 1965
(b) 1968
(c) 1969
(d) 1970
Ans. (a)

Ques. The first British Prime Minister was –
(a) Sir Robert Walpole
(b) Winston Churchil
(c) Elizabeth I
(d) Edward Teller
Ans. (a)

Ques. The London market at Billingsgate, now situated close to Canary Wharf in Dock­lands, London, deals in what?
(a) Fruit, vegetables and flowers
(b) Fish
(c) Meat
(d) Fruit and vegetables
Ans. (b)

Ques. Which of these is on the English Channel?
(a) Eddystone Lighthouse
(b) Hilbre Island Lighthouse
(c) Cromer Lighthouse
(d) Bell Rock Lighthouse
Ans. (a)

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Ques. The national flower of Britain is
(a) Lotus
(b) Lily
(c) Sun Flower
(d) Rose
Ans. (d)

Ques. Gibraltar was ceded to the UK by Spain in 1713 and although now semi-autonomous is still under UK government; it has been a strategic advantage to the UK at a number of times, which is NOT one of these?
(a) prior to the Battle of Trafalgar 1805
(b) during the Spanish Civil War 1820-23
(c) during the Crimean War 1854-56
(d) following the opening of the Suez Canal 1869
Ans. (b)

Ques. What is known most usually in the UK as ”The Sport of Kings”?
(a) Billiards
(b) Darts
(c) Rugby Union
(d) Horse racing
Ans. (d)

Ques. What is the nick name of Apsley House, the former London residence of the Dukes of Wellington, that stands alone at Hyde Park Corner on the south-east corner of Hyde Park?
(a) Waterloo
(b) Buck Palace
(c) Arden House
(d) Number One, London
Ans. (d)

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Ques. The name of the large clock on the tower of the House of Parliament in London is called –
(a) Big Ben
(b) Tower of London
(c) Buckingham Palace
(d) London Eye
Ans. (a)

Ques. In 1707, the two countries who became united were
(a) England and Scotland
(b) England and Ireland
(c) England and Wales
(d) England and Netherlands
Ans. (a)

Ques. The first woman Prime Minister of Britain was –
(a) Theresa May
(b) Margaret Thatcher
(c) Elizabeth Vallance
(d) Elizabeth II
Ans. (b)

Ques. The father of which ex prime minister of the UK was a trapeze artist and a garden gnome salesman?
(a) John Major
(b) Tony Blair
(c) Harold Wilson
(d) Lloyd George
Ans. (a)

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Ques. In England, what are Lloyds, Barclays, Westminster, Midland and National Provincial?
(a) Clothing stores
(b) Supermarkets
(c) Fast food outlets
(d) Banks
Ans. (d)

Ques. The word for a territory under British rule that was not part of Great Britain itself was “colony” or “Crown colony”, until the British Nationality Act 1981 which called each one a “British-Dependent Territory”. What name are most of them known by since?
(a) British Overseas Colony
(b) British Overseas Territory
(c) British Overseas Dependency
(d) British Territorial Dependency
Ans. (b)

Ques. What is the name of the model village near Birmingham, owned by a trust, that was founded for the employees of Cadbury in 1895?
(a) Cadbury
(b) Bourneville
(c) Milo
(d) Chocoville
Ans. (b)

Ques. What was the first name of the English Prime Ministers known as Pitt the Elder and Pitt the Younger?
(a) Edward
(b) Andrew
(c) Christopher
(d) William
Ans. (d)

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Ques. Who was the British nurse executed on 12 October 1915 for harbouring wounded and refugee soldiers in Brussels during the German occupation, and assisting escapes
to Holland?
(a) Florence Nightingale
(b) Edith Cavell
(c) Mata Hari
(d) Tokyo Rose
Ans. (b)

Ques. Winchester was the capital of which Anglo-Saxon kingdom?
(a) Wessex
(b) Sussex
(c) Essex
(d) East Anglia
Ans. (a)

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Ques. Which  of  these  ”Mary” is was never a Queen?
(a) Daughter of George V and Queen Mary
(b) Daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Teck
(c) Daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
(d) Daughter of James II and Anne Hyde
Ans. (a)

Ques. Which of these is not a prison in England?
(a) Pentonville
(b) San Quentin
(c) Reading
(d) Wandsworth
Ans. (b)

Ques. The site of what modern landmark residence in London, UK, was at one time owned by King Edward the Confessor, William the Conqueror, the monks of Westminster Abbey, King Henry VIII, Sir William Blake and Lord Goring?
(a) Buckingham Palace
(b) Clarence House
(c) Kensington Palace
(d) The Ritz
Ans. (a)

Ques. The guild known until mediaeval days in London as the Fraternity or Guylde of Our Lady and St. Clement, still exists in the 21st century under what name?
(a) The City of London Guild of 21st Cen­tury Polychromy
(b) The Worshipful Company of Bakers of London
(c) The Guild of Freemen of the City of London
(d) The Guild of Masters, Pilots and Sea­men of Trinity House
Ans. (b)

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Ques. When were 18 year olds allowed to vote in a General Election in the United Kingdom?
(a) 1970
(b) 1960
(c) 1965
(d) 1975
Ans. (a)

Ques. What post was held by Winston Churchill during the 1926 General Strike in the UK?
(a) Home Secretary
(b) Chancellor
(c) Deputy Prime Minister
(d) First Sea Lord
Ans. (b)

Ques. Where in Britaindium”?
(a) Glasgo
(b) London
(c) Cardiff
(d) Sheffield
Ans. (c)

Ques. Which college was founded by Henry VI in 1440?
(a) King’s College
(b) Harrow
(c) Eton
(d) Charterhouse
Ans. (c)

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Ques. What part of mainland Europe was English territory for 200 years from the mid 14th century?
(a) Calais
(b) Catalunya
(c) Turin
(d) Tyrol
Ans. (a)

Ques. Which poet is buried in an upright position in Westminster Abbey?
(a) William Blake
(b) W B Yeats
(c) Ben Jonson
(d) John Keats
Ans. (c)

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