FIFA World cup Questions and Trivia

fifa world cup questions and trivia

What is FIFA cup?
FIFA Football World Cup is world’s second biggest sports competition, after Olympics. Total 21 tournaments have been held till date. Next FIFA cup tournament will be played in Qatar in 2022.

Question: When did FIFA world cup start?

Answer: in 1930

Question: Which Country won world cup in 1930?

Answer: Uruguay

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Question: Who design FIFA cup tournament format?

Answer: Silvio Gazzaniga

Question: Most Successful FIFA Cup Team?

Answer: Brazil won FIFA cup 5 times

Question: Which country won 1930 FIFA cup?

Answer: Uruguay won 1930 (First) FIFA world cup.

Question: Has the FIFA world cup been in the USA?

Answer: Yes, USA hosted FIFA cup in 1994

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Question: Which team has played maximum FIFA final?

Answer: Germany has been in Final 8 times out of which 4 times it won and 4 times lost final match.

Question: What is the difference between Soccer and Football?

Answer: In USA and Canada, many people call Football game as Soccer game.

Question: What is link of FIFA website?


Question: How many teams are in FIFA this time?

Answer: 211 teams are eligible to participate in FIFA cup.

Question: Which teams played FIFA 2014 Final?

Answer: FIFA 2014 match was between Germany and Argentina. Germany won this match by 1 – 0.

Question: Which countries have hosted FIFA World Cup?
Year wise list of FIFA host countries:

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Year Host
1930 Uruguay
1934 Italy
1938 France
FIFA Cup cancelled in 1942 and 1946 due to Second world war
1950 Brazil
1954 Switzerland
1958 Sweden
1962 Chile
1966 England
1970 Mexico
1974 West Germany
1978 Argentina
1982 Spain
1986 Mexico
1990 Italy
1994 United States
1998 France
2002 Japan
2006 Germany
2010 South Africa
2014 Brazil
2018 Russia
2022 Qatar

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Q. How many FIFA cups has Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Uruguay and France won?

Team Won FIFA Cup
Brazil 5 times (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002)
Germany 4 times (1954, 1974, 1990, 2014)
Italy 4 times (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006)
Argentina 2 times (1978, 1986)
Uruguay 2 times (1930, 1950)
France 2 time (1998, 2018)
England 1 time (1966)
Spain 1 time (2010)

What Does FIFA Stand For?

FIFA stands for the International Federation for Association Football. FIFA is a non-profit organization that administers world football. The association is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and is run by a council, formerly known as the FIFA Executive Committee. The council is comprised of 37 members, including the president, 8 vice presidents, 28 members from the confederations, and at least one woman. The council makes important decisions, such as who will host the World Cup every four years.
In other words, FIFA is the international governing body for world football. Its members are known as teams in different countries, and they have different nicknames. However, all of them have the same goal – winning the World Cup.

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