Top 20 Biggest Export Countries and Their Export Products

What Does Export Mean?

Export, is a term that denotes shipping a product from one country to another.
In general, exporting means selling goods that were manufactured and produced in a particular country to a foreign market. Exports are a key component of a nation’s trade balance, as the sale of exported goods increases a nation’s gross output. Many countries encourage exports as a means of improving employment, consumer spending, and disposable income. By increasing the volume of goods exported, a country is able to increase its competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Top 20 Exporters in World:

1. China‘s Exports:

China Flag

Export Value: $2,105,000,000,000
China’s Top Exported Products: electrical products, apparel, furniture, textiles, integrated circuits, Silk, tea, rice, Computer and Telecommunication products

2. United States’s Biggest Exports:

United States National Flag

Export Value: $1,472,000,000,000 appx
Top Export Products: soybeans, fruit, corn, organic chemicals, transistors, aircraft, motor vehicle parts, computers, telecommunications equipments, automobiles, medicines, wheat, coal

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3. Germany’s Major Exports:

Germany National Flag

Germany National Flag

Export Value: $1,284,000,000,000 appx
Top Export Products: Automobiles, electronic equipments, pharmaceuticals, iron, steel and transport equipments, textiles, rubber, plastic products

4. Japan’s Top Exports:

Japan Flag

Export Value: $642,300,000,000 appx
Top Exported Products: Automobiles, semiconductors, auto parts, textiles, toys, power generating machinery, silk, steel products, plastic products

5. South Korea’s Exports:

South Korea Flag

Export Value: $509,080,000,000 appx
Top Exported Products: auto parts, ships, wireless communication equipment, steel, electronics, plastics, computers, petrochemicals, semiconductors

6. France’s Exports:

France National Flag

Export Value: $505,400,000,000 appx
Top Products: aircraft, wine, plastics, chemicals, Textile, silk, pharmaceuticals, beverages, iron

7. Hong Kong’s Exports:

Hong Kong Flag

Export Value: $487,900,000,000 appx
Top Exported Products: printed materials, appliances, textiles, apparel, footwear, watches, toys, plastics, precious stones

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8. Netherlands’s Exports:

Netherlands Flag


Export Value: $460,100,000,000 appx
Netherlands’s Top Products: Machinery equipment, chemicals, fuels; foods items

9. Italy’s Exports:

Italy Flag

Export Value: $436,600,000,000 appx
Top Products: textiles, Mercury, textiles, beverages, automobiles, production machinery, tobacco; minerals, chemicals

10. United Kingdom’s Top Exports:

United Kingdom Flag

United Kingdom

Export Value: $412,250,000,000 appx
Top Products: fuels, chemicals; food, beverages, tobacco

11. Canada’s Exports:

Canada national Flag

Export Value: $402,800,000,000
Top Export Products: Industrial machinery, chemicals, crude petroleum, natural gas, electricity, aluminum, plastics, fertilizers, wood

12. Mexico’s Exports:

Mexico national Flag

Export Value: $360,000,000,000
Top Export Products: oil, silver, fruits, vegetables, coffee, cotton

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13. Singapore Exports:

Singapore Flag

Export Value: $353,00,000,000
Export Products: pharmaceuticals, chemicals petroleum products, electronics and telecommunication equipments, beverages

14. United Arab Emirates’s Exports:

United Arab Emirates Flag

Export Value: $316,500,000,000
Exported Products: crude oil, dates, natural gas, dried fish

15. Taiwan Exports:

Taiwan Flag

Export Value: $314,600,000,000
Top Products: computer parts, semiconductors, communication equipments, automobile parts, ships, electronics, plastics, Camphor, petrochemicals

16. Switzerland Exports:

Switzerland Flag

Yearly Exports: $301,200,000,000
Top Exports: Watches, chemicals, agricultural products, metals, electricals, machinery

17. Indian Exports:

India Flag

Export Value: $271,600,000,000
Top Exported Products: iron and steel, Refined Oil, sugar, spices, tobacco, vehicles, chemicals, pharmaceutical, Jute, machinery, precious stones, tea, cement, cereals, mica, textiles

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18. Spain’s Exports:

Spain Flag

Total Export in a Year: $266,500,000,000
Top Exports: machinery, Lead, pharmaceuticals, medicines, automobiles

19. Russian Exports:

Russia Flag

Total Exports: $259,700,000,000
Top Exports: metals, petroleum products, chemicals, natural gas, wood, defence products, wheat

20. Belgium Exports:

Belgium Flag

Total Export Value: $250,700,000,000
Top Exported Products: chemicals, Glass, diamonds, metal, textiles, machinery

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