CBSE practice Questions

CBSE class 12 History sample paper

history question paper for class 12

History sample paper class 12

2 marks Questions

Question: Who was Cunningham? What methods did he use to reconstruct ancient Indian History?

Question: How did East India Company minimize the power of Zamindars and to restrict their autonomy?

Question: Explain the term Gahapati.

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Question: What was the composition of Bengal army? State briefly the relations of sepoys before 1820s with their English Officers.

Question: Who was John Marshall? What were his achievements?

Question: Explain the term Mahajanapada

3 marks Questions

Question: Enumerate the features of the drainage system of the Harappan civilization.

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Question: What were the reasons for the introduction of Fifth Report by the British Government?

Question: What were the factors that led to the rise of Magadha as strongest Mahajanapada during 6th century BCE?

Question: Write a note on the town planning of Indus valley civilization.

Question: Give reasons why Magadha became the most powerful Mahajanapada?

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Question: “The problems of archaeological interpretation are perhaps most evident in attempts to reconstruct religious practices”. Elaborate on the given statement

Question: Write the policy of Extermination and policy of Pacification initiated by the British towards the paharia.

5 marks Questions

Question: Enumerate the development in agriculture during the Harappan civilization.

Question: “Santhals were the ideal settlers” .Justify the statement. Write two values that is exhibited by the Santhals  in Bengal.

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Question: Describe the main features of the Mauryan empire.

Question: Give an account of the system of grants of land.

Question: Write any three impact of the American Civil war on the ryots in 1861?  How British controlled the revolt at Supa Village?

Question: (a) On a political map of India mark the following places: Nageshwar, Lothal, Mohenjodaro, Chanudaro, Kot Diji.

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Question: Briefly write about rebel proclamations? How did they carry forward the rebellion?

Question: (a) On a political map of India mark the following points of Mahajanapada and cities: Avanti, Rajgir, Ujjain, Taxila, Varanasi.

Question: Discuss the reasons put forward by historians for the decline of Harappan civilization.

Question: What kind of treatment was given to the  Nawab of Awadh after its  annexation?  What was the impact of it on the people ?

Question: Describe the administrative system of the Mauryan empire.

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Question: Elaborate on the practice of land grants with special reference to Prabhavati Gupta

Question: (a) On a political map of India mark the following places: Harappa, Banawali, Kalibangan, Balakot, Dholavira

Question: (b) On a political map of India mark the following points of Mahajanapada and cities: Vajji, Magadha, Koshala, kuru, Panchala.

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8 marks questions

Question: “Leadership to the Revolt was provided by varied people and rulers”. Justify the statement and give reasons for the rulers supporting the rebels.

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