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List of Scientific Instruments with Pictures and their Use


Accumulator: to store Electrical energy

accumulator picture

accumulator picture

Anemometer: measures strength of winds

Anemometer Picture

Anemometer Picture

Altimeter: used to measure altitudes of aircrafts

Altimeter Picture

Altimeter Picture

Audiometer: measures intensity of sound


Audiometer is used to measure intensity of sound

Ammeter: measures electrical current

Ammeter picture

Ammeter picture

Barometer: used to measure atmospheric pressure

Barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure

Barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure

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Binocular: used to view distant objects

Binocular is used to view distant objects

Binocular is used to view distant objects

Crescograph: measures growth in plants


A Crescograph measures growth in plants

Cyclotron: used to accelerate charged particles


Cyclotron is used to accelerate charged particles

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Dynamo: converts mechanical energy to electrical energy


A Dynamo is used to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy

Dynamometer: measures electric power


A Dynamometer measures electric power

Electrometer: measures electricity


An Electrometer measures electricity

Electroscope: detects presence of electric charge


It detects presence of electric charge

Endoscope: examines internal parts of body


It examines internal parts of body

Eudiometer: measures volume changes in chemical reaction b/w gases


An Eudiometer used to measure changes in volume during chemical reactions

Fathometer: measures depth of ocean


Fathometer uses sound waves to determine the depth of water

Galvanometer: measures electric current of low magnitude


Galvanometer is used for detecting and measuring small electric currents

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Hydrometer: measures gravity of liquids


A Hydrometer measures relative density of liquids

Hygrometer: measures humidity in air


Hygrometer is used for measuring the water vapor (Humidity) in the atmosphere

Hydrophone: measures sound under water


Hydrophone is a microphone which detects sound waves under water

Lactometer: purity of milk


Lactometer is an instrument to find out the content of the water in the milk (Density of Milk)

Manometer: measures pressure of gases


A Manometer is used to measure pressure of gases

Microscope: used to see magnified view of small objects


A Microscope is an optical instrument which is used for viewing very small objects

Oscillograph: records electrical or mechanical vibrations

Oscillograph Image

Oscillograph Image

Photometer: compares the luminous intensity of the sources of light

Photometer Image

Photometer Image

Odometer: measures distance covered by a vehicle on road

Odometer Picture

Odometer Picture

Periscope: used in submarine to survey the ships

Periscope Image

Periscope Image

Phonograph: used to produce sound


Aa Phonograph record sound and play it

Pyrometer: used to measure very high temperature


Temperature of a surface is measured by Pyrometer

Quartz Clock: clock used in astronomical observations and other precision work

Quartz Clock Image

Quartz Clock Image

Quadrant: measuring altitudes and angles for navigation and astronomy

Quadrant Image

Quadrant Instrument Image

Radio Micrometer: measures heat radiations

Radio Micrometer Image

Radio Micrometer Image

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Radar: used to detecting direction and position of objects by means of radio microwaves


Aa Radar is used to determine the range, angle, or velocity of objects by using radio waves

Rain Gauge: used to measure rain fall

Rain Gauge

A Rain Gauge measures amount of rain fall

Rectifier: converts AC into DC

Rectifier Image

Rectifier Image

Radiometer: measures emission of radiant energy


Radiometer measures intensity of radiation

Refractometer: measures refractive index


Refractometer is an instrument which measures refractive index

Spring Balance: measures weight

Spring Balance Picture

Spring Balance Picture

Saccharimeter: used to measure amount of sugar in the solution


Saccharimeter is device which is used to measure concentration of sugar solutions

Spectroscope: used for spectrum analysis

Spectroscope Picture

Spectroscope Picture

Seismograph: measure intensity of earthquake shocks


also known as Seismometer

Spherometer: measures curvature of surfaces

Spherometer Picture

Spherometer Picture

Sextant: For guiding ships and surveying land

Sextant Image

Sextant Image

Speedometer: measure speed of vehicle


Speedometer measures speed of moving object

Salinometer: used to determine the concentration of salt solutions by measuring their densities

Salinometer Image

Salinometer Image

Sphygmomanometer: used to measure blood pressure


It is used for measuring blood pressure

Stethoscope: used to hear heart and lungs sound


Stethoscope is used to listen internal organ’s sound in body

Tachometer: measure speed of moving objects like air planes and motor boats


Tachometer measure working speed of an engine

Telescope: used to view distant object


A Telescope used to view distant object

Thermometer: used to measure temperature of objects/body


Thermometer measures temperature of objects/body

Transformer: convert high voltage to low and low voltage to high

Transformer Picture

Transformer Picture

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