Common English Symbols You Should Know

Typing signs and writing symbols

Common Signs and Symbols in English that You should Know:

What these English Symbols are called:

Symbol Meaning
. full stop
, comma
? question mark
! exclamation mark
: colon
; semi-colon
hyphen (dash)
& ampersand
/ virgule (forward slash)
\ reversed virgule (backward slash)
@ at


# hash
~ tilde
* asterisk
´ acute accent
` grave accent
quotation mark
( ) left / right parentheses
[] left / right square bracket
{} left / right brace
<> left / right angle bracket

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What these English Symbols are used for:

Symbol Meaning
& and
~ approximately / about / more or less
@ At
° Degree
= equals/is the same as
greater / better / more than
less / smaller than
# Number

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% percent
+ plus (in addition to)
§ Section
\ therefore
24/7 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
404 Not Found /  I don’t know
2D Two dimensional
3D Three dimensional
4D Four dimensional
4WD Four wheel drive

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English Communication Symbols:

Symbol Meaning
O:-) Angelic
😀 Big smile
:-/ Confused
:-e Disappointed
:-> Evil grin
😐 Indifferent
:-* Kiss

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:-)) Laughing
🙁 Sad
:-@ Screaming
😮 Shocked or surprised
:-O Shouting
🙂 Smiling
:-Q Smoking
😛 Thinking
:-& Tongue tied (You don’t know what to say)
:-[ Vampire
😎 Wide-eyed and smiling / Wearing glasses and smiling
😉 Winking

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Ques. An aster is a type of what?
(a) Punctuation mark
(b) Plant
(c) Fish
(d) Semi-precious stone

Ans. (b)

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