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Contraction Words Examples


In English, contraction means shorting or combining words to make it smaller in writing or speaking.

Here are some examples of Contractions words:

Contraction (letter A) Meaning (used for)
Ain’t is not
Ain’t are not

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Contraction (letter C) Meaning (used for)
can’t can not
couldn’t could not
could’ve could have

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Contraction (letter D) Meaning (used for)
doesn’t does not
don’t do not
did’t did not

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Contraction (letter H) Meaning (used for)
hadn’t had not
he’s he is
hasn’t has not
haven’t have not
he’d he would
he’ll he will
he’s he has
here’s here is
he’d he had
he’ll he shall

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Contraction (letter I) Meaning (used for)
I’ll I will
I’m I am
it’d it would
I’ve I have
I’d I had
I’ll’ve I will have
isn’t is not
it’ll it will
it’s it is
I’d’ve I would have
it’s it has
I’d I would

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Contraction (letter L) Meaning (used for)
let’s let us

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Contraction (letter M) Meaning (used for)
mustn’t must not
mightn’t might not
might’ve might have
must’ve must have
ma’am madam

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Contraction (letter N) Meaning (used for)
ne’er never
‘n’ and
needn’t need not

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Contraction (letter O) Meaning (used for)
o’clock Of the clock
o’er over

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Contraction (letter S) Meaning (used for)
she’d she would
should’ve Should have
she’d she had
she’s she is
shouldn’t should not
she’s she has

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Contraction (letter T) Meaning (used for)
that’s that is
tis It is
they’d they would
there’d there wood
they’d they had
they’ll they will
they’re they are
that’d that would
they’ve they have
there’s there is
that’d that would

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Contraction (letter Y) Meaning (used for)
you’d you would
you’ve you have
you’d you had
you’ll you will
you’re you are
you’ve you have
y’ll you all

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Contraction (letter W) Meaning (used for)
we’d we would
would’ve would have
what’re what are
we’re we are
we’d we had
we’ve we have
what’ll what will
where’s where is
who’s who is
where’d where did
wouldn’t would not
won’t will not

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