80+ Common English Business and Corporate Abbreviations

List of Common English Business Abbreviations:

AGM: Annual General Meeting
Addr.: address
AD: Authorized Dealer
AOB: Any Other Business
ACF: Auto-Correlation Function
AFS: Annual Financial Statement
Approx.: approximately
ASAP: as soon as possible
AO: Additive Outliers
AR: Auto Regression
ARIMA: Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average
A3: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
AFS: Available For Sale
ADVT: Advertisement

BTW: By The Way
BIF: Basic In Fact

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CC: Cash Credit
CF: Company Finance
compare this with…
CAD: Capital Account Deficit
c/o: care of
compl.: complete
CEO: Chief Executive Officer
CRM: Customer Relationship Management
CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility
CV: Curriclum Vitae
CO: Capital Outlay
CLM: Career Limiting Move
CM: Call Me
COB: Close of Business
CFRA: Combined Finance and Revenue Accounts
Corp.: Corporation
CRAR: Capital to Risk Weighted Asset Ratio
CANT: Canteen

Dept.: Department
DCB: Demand Collection and Balance
DVP: Delivery versus Payment

DD: Demand Draft
DEV: Development
Devt.: development
diff.: difference
DI: Direct Investment
DDS: Data Dissemination Standards
DAP: Development Action Plan

EOB: End of Business
ECB: External Commercial Borrowing
EOM: End of Message
encl.: enclosed
EDMU: External Debt Management Unit
esp.: especially
ETA: estimated time of arrival
EEA: Exchange Equalization Account
Edn.: Edition
Educ.: Education
EEFC: Exchange Earners Foreign Currency
EPF: Employees Provident Fund
EFR: Exchange Fluctuation Reserve

F2F: Face To Face
FOF: Flow Of Funds
FLAS: Foreign Liabilities and Assets Survey
FAQ(s): Frequently Asked Question(s)
FYI: For Your Information
FRA: Forward Rate Agreement
FII: Foreign Institutional Investor
FPI: Foreign Portfolio Investment
FRN: Floating Rate Note
FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Disinformation
FWIW: For What It’s Worth
FDI: Foreign Direct Investment
FEMA: Foreign Exchange Management Act
FI: Financial Institution

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GMTA: Great Minds Think Alike
GMT: Greenwich Mean Time
Govt.: Government
GA: Go Ahead
GNIE: Government Not Included Elsewhere
G-Sec: Government Securities
GM: General Manger

HR: Human Resources
HICP: Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices
HQ: Headquarters
HFT: Held For Trading
HO: Head Office

IOW: In Other Words
Impt.: Important
Info.: Information
IFR: Investment Fluctuation Reserve Account
IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
IM: Instant Message
IMO: In My Opinion
IGLS: Iterative Generalized Least Squares
IDD: Industrial Development Department
IOTT:  Input-Output Transaction Table
IIP/InIP: International Investment Position
IP: Interest Payment

JIT: Just In Time

Ltd.: Limited
LS: Level Shift
LT: Long Term
LTO:  Long Term Operation

MD: Managing Director
MA: Moving Average
MIS: Management Information System
max.: maximum
min.: minimum
movt.: movement
MR: Market Research
MoF: Ministry of Finance
MOTD: Message Of The Day
MOF: Master Office File
MT: Mail Transfer
MTM: Mark-To-Market

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NB: nota bene (important, notice this)
NEC:  Not Elsewhere Classified
NBIF: No Basis In Fact
NFC: No Further Comment
NNML: Net Non-Monetary Liabilities
NP: No Problem
NRN: No Reply Necessary
NBC: Non-Banking Companies
NBFC: Non Banking Financial Companies
NPRB: Net Primary Revenue Balance
NFD: Net Fiscal Deficit
NGO: Non-Governmental Organization
NRE: Non-Resident External
NPD: Net Primary Deficit
NPV: Net Present Value

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OOTB: Out Of The Box / Out of the Blue
OTOH: On the Other Hand
OIC: Oh, I see
OTT: Over the Top
PLC: Public Limited Company
pdq: pretty damn quick
PM: Private Message
POV: Point Of View
PACF: Partial Auto-Correlation Function
Proto: prototype
P&A: Personnel & Administration
Prob.: Problem
PO: Principal Office
PTO: Please Turn Over
PRB: Primary Revenue Balance
PR: Public Relations
PD: Primary Deficit
PDs: Primary Dealers
PF: Provident Fund
PUC: Paid Up Capital
PSE: Public Sector Enterprises

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QRR: Quick Review Report

RTM: Read The Manual
REER: Real Effective Exchange Rate
R&D: Research and Development
RR: Revenue Receipts
RDBMS: Relational Database Management System
RoCs: Registrars of Companies
RE: Revenue Expenditure

SAE: Stamped Addressed Envelope
SAM: Social Accounting Matrix
SAS: Statistical Analysis System
SHGs: Self-Help Groups
SDDS: Special Data Dissemination Standards
SEBs: State Electricity Boards
SME: Small and Medium (size) Enterprises
SDR: Special Drawing Right
SWOT: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
SSI: Small-Scale Industries

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temp.: temperature / temporary
TC: Temporary Change
TBA: To Be Announced
TU: Thank You
TT: Telegraphic Transfer
TPT: Transport
TF: Technology Forecasting

TUVM: Thank You Very Much
TX: Thanks

TYCLO: Turn Your Caps Lock Off!

USP: Unique Selling Point
UBB: Uniform Balance Book
VGC: very good condition
USD: US Dollars
Vice President
VC: Venture Capital

w/: with
w/o: without
wt.: weight
WRT: With respect to
WTG: Way To Go!

ZO: Zonal Office

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