Most Confusing Singular and Plural Nouns

English Singular and Plural Noun difference:

What is the difference between Child and Children?
More than 1 child = Children.

What is the difference between Man and Men?
more than one man = men

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What is the difference between person and people?
more than one person = people

Difference between Mouse and Mice?
more than one mouse = mice

What is the difference between lady and ladies?
more than one lady = ladies

Difference between syllabus and syllabi?
more than one syllabus = syllabi

Difference between phenomenon and phenomena?
more than one phenomenon = phenomena

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How Indices is different from Index?
more than one index = indices

Difference between appendices and appendix?
more than one appendix = appendices

What is the difference between Woman and women?
more than one woman = women

Difference between foot and feet?
more than one foot = feet

Difference between leaf and leaves?
more than one leaf = leaves

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Difference between life and lives?
more than one life = lives

What is the difference between tooth and teeth?
more than one tooth = teeth

Difference between self and selves?
more than one self = selves

How thesis is different from theses?
more than one thesis = theses

What is the difference between crisis and crises?
more than one crisis = crises

How knife is different from knives?
more than one knife = knives

What is the difference between alumnus and alumni?
more than one alumnus = alumni

Difference between hypothesis and hypotheses?
more than one hypothesis = hypotheses

Difference between analysis and analyses?
more than one analysis = analyses

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How Alumnus is different from alumni?
more than one alumnus = alumni

How Medium is different from Media?
more than one medium = media

Want more on nouns? Practice our exercise to make meaningful sentence by choosing correct noun.

The armed __ are marching ahead.
(a) forces
(b) force

Ans. (a)

What is the plural of ”criteria”?
(a) Criterias
(b) Criterion
(c) None, ”criteria” is the plural
(d) Criteriae

Answer. (c)

The girl was a stunner; she had blonde __
(a) hairs
(b) hair

Ans. (b)

He loves listening to quality __
(a) music
(b) musics

Ans. (a)

Times __ come to decide.
(a) have
(b) has

Ans. (b)

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Many people gathered to pay their last __ to the departed leader.
(a) respect
(b) respects

Ans. (b)

The speaker was appreciated with loud __ from the audience.
(a) applause
(b) applauses

Ans. (a)

I have immense __ for that man.
(a) respect
(b) respects

Ans. (a)

__ cannot grow in time of recession.
(a) Business
(b) Businesses

Ans. (a)

I received the __ sent by you.
(a) goods
(b) good

Ans. (a)

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We enjoy __ seeing.
(a) sights
(b) sight

Ans. (b)

The audience had lots of __
(a) funs
(b) fun

Ans. (b)

Ladies have lots of house __ to do.
(a) works
(b) work

Ans. (a)

Many pollutants are there in the __ of the city.
(a) air
(b) airs

Ans. (a)

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We plan to buy more __
(a) equipments
(b) equipment

Ans. (b)

Grant Wilson is a man of __
(a) letter
(b) letters

Ans. (b)

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