Japanese Food Trivia Questions

Japanese Cuisine and Recipes Quiz:

What is the name of the popular Japanese dish made with vinegar-seasoned rice and various toppings?
(a) Pad Thai
(b) Sushi
(c) Pho
(d) Kimchi

Answer. (b)

What is the name of the Japanese dish made with grilled skewers of meat or vegetables?
(a) Ramen
(b) Tempura
(c) Yakitori
(d) Udon

Answer. (c)

Which of the following is a traditional Japanese fermented soybean paste?
(a) Miso
(b) Teriyaki sauce
(c) Soy sauce
(d) Mirin

Answer. (a)

Which of the following is a type of Japanese soup?
(a) Pho
(b) Ramen
(c) Miso
(d) Borscht

Answer. (c)

Which country is famous for its sushi?
(a) Mexico
(b) Italy
(c) Japan
(d) Thailand

Answer. (c)

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