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Sculpture, Art and paintings quiz questions

Ques. Which of the following is not a work of Leonardoda-Vinci?
(a) Pieta
(b) Mona Lisa
(c) The ceiling of Sistine Chapel
(d) The Last Supper
Ans. (c)

Ques. `Last Judgement’ was the first painting of an Italian painter named –
(a) Vincent van Gogh
(b) Leonardo da Vinci
(c) Claude Monet
(d) Michelangelo
Ans. (d)

Ques. Which of these was an English graphic de­signer who made his mark with graphic images for the Beatles and Apple Corps, and whose ground-breaking work was in the 1960s and 1970s?
(a) Aubrey Beardsley
(b) Robert Mapplethorpe
(c) Alan Aldridge
(d) Annie Leibovitz
Ans. (c)

Ques. ___ is a mixed form of art.
(a) Dance
(b) Music
(c) Sculpture
(d) Painting
Ans. (a)

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Ques. What was the first name of the painter Manet?
(a) Pierre
(b) Claude
(c) Edouard
(d) Francois
Ans. (c)

Ques. The most famous painting of Pablo Picasso was –
(a) The Starry Night
(b) Guermica
(c) Mona Lisa
(d) The Kiss
Ans. (b)

Ques. Ustad Mansur Khan was a famous painter during the rule of
(a) Akbar
(b) Jehangir
(c) Shahjehan
(d) Aurangzeb
Ans. (b)

Ques. The famous painting `Mona Lisa’ is displayed at –
(a) Louvre museum, Paris
(b) The British Museum, London
(c) The Prado, Madrid
(d) The Vatican Museums, Vatican City
Ans. (a)

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Ques. Historically, lead poisoning was recog­nised as a common industrial disease of which of these professions?
(a) Miner
(b) Painter
(c) Electrician
(d) Stone mason
Ans. (b)

Ques. What does a painter use a palette for?
(a) To hold a drink and food
(b) To display a range of paints for a client
(c) To lay out paints for use for a painting
(d) None of these
Ans. (c)

Ques. The experience produced by a work of art is referred to as __.
(a) Aesthetic experience
(b) Intuitive experience
(c) Direct experience
(d) Mystic experience
Ans. (a)

Ques. What sort of art work is the “Venus de Milo”?
(a) Sculpture
(b) Oil painting
(c) Fresco
(d) Collage
Ans. (a)

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Ques. Which is the painting known by Italians as ”La Gioconda”?
(a) Whistler’s Mother
(b) Laughing Cavalier
(c) Girl with a Pearl Earring
(d) Mona Lisa
Ans. (d)

Ques. Whose famous painting, “The Potato Eaters”, is of five peasants sitting down to dinner?
(a) Pablo Picasso
(b) Vincent Van Gogh
(c) Salvador Dali
(d) Andy Warhol
Ans. (b)

Ques. Who has been quoted as saying “People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that’s only if it’s done properly”?
(a) David Bowie
(b) Banksy
(c) Steven Spielberg
(d) George Lucas
Ans. (b)

Ques. Who was a true representative of the Venetian School of Art?
(a) Leonardo Da Vinci
(b) Titian
(c) Picasso
(d) None of these
Ans. (a)

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Ques. Which of these paintings was initially described by critics as ”a coquette in a carriage”?
(a) “Femme aux Bras Croises” by Pablo Picasso
(b) “La Gioconda” by Leonardo da Vinci
(c) “Golconde” by Rene Magritte
(d) ”Portrait of an Unknown Woman” by Ivan Kramskoi
Ans. (d)

Ques. The sculpture Pieta is sculptured by
(a) Donatello
(b) Leonard o Da Vinci
(c) Michelangelo
(d) Raphael
Ans. (c)

Ques. The Gandhara school of Art was influenced most by the
(a) Greeks
(b) Shakas
(c) persians
(d) Kushans
Ans. (a)

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