KIIT Law Entrance Exam Sample Questions

KIITEE Law Entrance Exam is divided into 4 sections – General Knowledge have 20 questions, Mathematical Ability have 30 questions, Reasoning has 30 questions and Verbal Ability have 40 questions.

General Knowledge:

Question 1: The judge of Supreme Court is appointed:
(a) by President after consulting Chief Justice of India and two judges of the Supreme Court
(b) by President after consulting the collegium of four judges and the Chief Justice of India
(c) by President after consulting the Union Council of Ministers
(d) by President after consulting the collegium of judges, Council of Ministers and judges of the High Courts
Ans: (b)

Question: The Charter of the United Nations requires that the Organisation and its members shall act in accordance with the principles enumerated in the Charter. Which of the following is one of such principles?
(a) Sovereign equality
(b) Protection of human rights
(c) protection of environment
(d) self-determination of people
Ans: (a)

Question: The President of India is elected by –
(a) Members of Parliament
(b) Members of Parliament and state legislatures
(c) Members of Parliament and state legislative assemblies
(d) Those members of both Houses of Parliament and legislative Assemblies who are elected
Ans: (c)

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Question: ‘Kadima’ political party is associated with which country?
(a) Turkey
(b) Kazakhstan
(c) S. Arabia
(d) Israel
Ans: (d)

Question: India is a Republic in the sense that
(a) it has an elected Head of the state
(b) it has an elected Head of the Government
(c) it has a bi-cameral legislature
(d) it has sovereign power
Ans: (a)

Question: The name of the white revolution is associated with
(a) Kurien Verghese
(b) C. Rangarajan
(c) M. S. Swaminathan
(d) J. V. Narlikar
Ans: (a)

Question: Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of
(a) uncontrolled fusion reaction
(b) controlled fusion reaction
(c) uncontrolled fission reaction
(d) controlled fission reaction
Ans: (a)

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Question: Where was India’s first computer installed?
(a) Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta
(b) Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
(c) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
(d) Indian Iron & Steel Co.Ltd., Burnpur
Ans: (a)

Question: Who invented the ball-point pen:
(a) Lazzlo Biro
(b) Curie
(c) Newton
(d) Baird
Ans: (a)

Question: Which of the following is biodegradable?
(a) D.D.T.
(b) Paper
(c) Plastic
(d) Aluminium
Ans: (b)

Mathematical Ability Questions:

Question: If the persons A and B have incomes in the ratio 7 : 5 and expenditures in the ratio 3 : 2 and each one of them saves Rs R, then, the income of A is:
(a) 14 R
(b) 7 R
(c) 7/2 R
(d)  R/2
Ans: (c)

Question: If x + a is a factor of x3 + ax2 – 2x + a + 4, then a equals:
(a) 2/5
(b) -4
(c) – 4/3
(d) 2/3
Ans: (c)

Question: PNLJ : IGLC : : VTRP : ?
(a) QMKI
(b) RSTU
(c) QSRC
(d) RPOM
Ans: (a)

Question: 17 : 60 : : 20 : ?
(a) 57
(b) 69
(c) 81
(d) 93
Ans: (b)

Question: From the original position, D starts crossing the field diagonally. After walking half the distance he turns right; walks some distance and turns left. Which direction is D facing now?
(a) South-east
(b) North-west
(c) South-west
(d) North
Ans: (b)

Question: The floor of a room of dimensions 6.5m x 4.0 m is to be paved with square marble slabs. The length of the largest possible slab is:
(a) 25cm
(b) 75cm
(c) 50cm
(d) 100cm
Ans: (c)

Question: The greatest number that will divide 187, 233 and 279 leaving the same remainder in each case is
(a) 30
(b) 36
(c) 46
(d) 56
Ans: (c)

Question: Sum of two numbers is 1/3 rd of 1/5 th of 195 and their product is 1/6 th of 1/4 th of 960. Find 1/3 rd of the difference between them.
(a) 1
(b) 9
(c) 3
(d) 27
Ans: (a)

Question: In an examination, a student was asked to find 4/5 th of a number. By mistake, he found 5/4 th of it and his answer was 180 more than the correct answer. Find the given number.
(a) 81
(b) 890
(c) 400
(d) 500
Ans: (c)

Question: By selling a table for Rs. 40 instead of Rs. 50, 5% more is lost. Find the cost of the table.
(a) Rs. 220
(b) Rs. 250
(c) Rs. 200
(d) Rs. 150
Ans: (c)


Question: The marked price of a table is Rs 3000 and is available at successive discounts of 20% and 10% respectively. If there is an additional discount of 5% on cash payment, then what is the cash price of the table?
(a) Rs. 2400
(b) Rs. 2052
(c) Rs. 2100
(d) Rs.1640
Ans: (b)

Logical and Analytical Reasoning Questions:

Question: Five bells begin to ring together and they ring after an interval of 6, 8, 9, 12 and 18 seconds respectively. How many times will they ring together in one hour, excluding the one at the start?
(a) 48
(b) 50
(c) 54
(d) 60
Ans: (b)

Question: ‘BF’ is related to ‘HL’ in the same way as ‘EI’ is related to
(a) KO
(b) KN
(c) JN
(d) JO
Ans: (a)

Directions (for next 5 questions): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it:

(a) Six friends Ankita, Neelam, Shweta, Dimple, Anjali and Pratima are sitting in a closed circle facing the centre.
(b) Shweta is between Ankita and Neelam.
(c) Pratima is between Anjali and Ankita.
(d) Anjali is to the left of Dimple

Question: Who is on the left of Neelam?
(a) Ankita
(b) Shweta
(c) Dimple
(d) Anjali
Ans: (c)

Question: Who is on the left of Shweta?
(a) Dimple
(b) Anjali
(c) Ankita
(d) None of these
Ans: (d)

Question: Which pair of friends is sitting on the opposite of each other?
(a) Dimple, Ankita
(b) Dimple, Neelam
(c) Ankita, Pratima
(d) Shweta, Neelam
Ans: (a)

Question: Which of the following is sitting on the right side of Pratima?
(a) Anjali
(b) Dimple
(c) Ankita
(d) Neelam
Ans: (a)

Question: Which of the above given statements is superfluous?
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) None of these
Ans: (d)

Question: In the following series which is the 8th letter to the right of 16th letter from your left ?
(a) K
(b) Y
(c) X
(d) W
Ans: (c)

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Question: If the following words are arranged according to the dictionary order then which word will come in the middle?
(a) Gunny
(b) Gunnery
(c) Gunmetal
(d) Gunpowder
Ans : (a)

Question: If + means –, – means x, x means ÷ and ÷ means +, then—
16 ÷ 4 x 2 – 5 + 8 = ?
(a) 58
(b) 50
(c) 44
(d) None of these
Ans : (d)

Question: ‘Sink’ is related to ‘Float’ in the same way as a ‘Destroy’ is related to ___.
(a) Enemy
(b) Demolish
(c) Alive
(d) Create
Ans: (d)

Question: In a certain code WAVE is written as ‘5%3*’ and WINS is written as ’59@©’. How is SANE written in that code ?
(a) ©9@*
(b) •%© ©
(c) ©©% •
(d) ©%© •
Ans: (a)

Verbal Ability Questions:

Directions (next 5 question): Each of the following questions consists of a sentence. Find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is answer. If there is no error, mark (e) as your answer. (Ignore the errors of punctuation).

Question: (a) Neither of them (b) are coming here (c) to address this (d) large gathering. (e) No error.
Ans: (b)

Question: (a) Hardly she finished (b) her duty when (c) the bell (d) started ringing. (e) No error.
Ans: (a)

Question: (a) More private companies should (b) be permit to enter (c) into field of communication (d) to strengthen the network. (e) No error.
Ans: (b)

Question: (a) Government should severely (b) punish the persons (c) involved in the (d) practice of female foeticide. (e) No error.
Ans: (e)

Question: (a) Parents should ensure (b) and cultivate (c) reading habits between (d) their children. (e) No error.
Ans: (c)

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Directions (for next 5 questions): In these questions, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four.

Question: I am exhausted, let’s …… a day.
(a) call it
(b) call at
(c) call off
(d) call in
Ans : (a)

Question: The worker used …… to patch up the hole in the wall.
(a) Sand
(b) Cement
(c) Soil
(d) Grass
Ans : (b)

Question: She made her stepson her ……to her large fortune.
(a) Hare
(b) Heir
(c) Hair
(d) Here
Ans : (b)

Question: The stewardess showed the passenger …….
(a) When to start travelling
(b) Where to land the plane
(c) How to fasten the seat belt
(d) How to judge the altitude of the plane
Ans : (c)

Question: Many people reported …… a noise in the night.
(a) To hear
(b) Having heard
(c) To have heard
(d) Been hearing
Ans : (c)

Directions (for next 5 questions): In these questions, groups of four words are given. In each group, one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.

Question: (a) Separetion
(b) Seperation
(c) Seperetion
(d) Separation
Ans: (d)

Question: (a) Discrepancy
(b) Descrepancy
(c) Discripancy
(d) Discrepansy
Ans: (a)

Question: (a) Adviceable
(b) Advicable
(c) Advisable
(d) Adviseable
Ans: (c)

Question: (a) Millenium
(b) Millennium
(c) Milennium
(d) Milenium
Ans: (a)

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