Lok Sabha Clerk Previous Year Question Paper

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Lok Sabha Secretariat Junior Clerk Recruitment Paper:

Question: The landmass of which of the following continents is the least?
(a) Africa
(b) Asia
(c) Australia
(d) Europe

Question: The UN charter was finalized at___and become effective on___.
(a) San Francisco, 24th October, 1945
(b) Dumbarton Oaks, 5th March. 1944
(c) Yalta. 2nd February. 1945
(d) Teheran, 24th October, 1943

Question: The theory of utilitarianism was expounded by
(a) Jeremy Bentham
(b) James Mill
(c) Henry Sidgwick
(d) All of these

Question: The power to decide an election petition is vested in the
(a) Parliament
(b) Supreme Court
(c) High Courts
(d) Election Commission

Question: The members of the Rajya Sabha are
(a) directly elected by the people on the basis of universal adult franchise
(b) elected by the elected Members of the State Legislative Assemblies
(c) elected by the Members of the State Legislative Councils
(d) elected by the Members of the State Legislative Councils and State Legislative Assemblies

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Fill in the blanks with correct phrase to give a meaningful sentence.

Question: Stop complaining and________your work?
(a) get in
(b) get on
(c) get on with
(d) get down

Question: The meeting starts at 10 am. It’s important to________on time.
(a) show with
(b) show down
(c) show off
(d) show up

Question: The tree was_________by the wind.
(a) blown over
(b) blown out
(c) blown up
(d) blown after

Question: I thought I would_________for a cup of coffee at your place.
(a) drop off
(b) drop out
(c) drop in with
(d) drop in

Question: The boss wants you to_______your figures for this month to him.
(a) hand out
(b) hand in
(c) hand on
(d) hand off

Choose the synonym (word similar in meaning) of the underlined word:

Question: Shital arrived late, looking hot and flustered.
(a) petite
(b) nervous
(c) comely
(d) excited

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Question: Sushil is the epitome of honesty.
(a) epitaph
(b) epithet
(c) religious
(d) embodiment

Question: Mr.Saxena has launched a bitter diatribe against the Government.
(a) praise
(b) appreciation
(c) harangue
(d) analysis

Question: These paintings are the consummation of his life’s work.
(a) result
(b) source
(c) beginning
(d) effect

Question: Film-makers of the earlier era were usually constricted by the censure rules.
(a) prescribed
(b) happy
(c) constrained
(d) relaxed

Question: Write an Essay on any ONE of the following topics: (50 marks)
(a) corruption and Indian Democracy
(b) Environmental Issues and the Concept of Development
(c) Challenges of India’s Mass Communication
(d) Salient Features of Indian Culture
(e) Cottage Industry and the Problems of Industrial Development
(f) A one-day-visit to your country
(g) Arts or environment?
(h) Is progress always good?
(i) The importance of hard work
(j) Who would you choose to build a statue for?

Question: Write a letter to the Human Resource Development Minister of India to seek his attention towards the danger of commercialization of education by establishing Private Universities. (35 marks)


Write a letter to the Health Minister of India to draw his attention towards the alarming increased presence of pesticides and fertilizers in our food grains and vegetables. (35 marks)

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(b) Write antonyms of the following words:
Repulsive, disperse, Frivolity, Defy, Mindful, Enamored, Circumlocution, Bequeath, Compensate, Buttress, Wrest, Throng

(c) Write sentences using following phrasal verbs: Call upon, Ink out, See through, Ride on, Pick off

(d) Make sentences using following idioms: All guns blazing, Back to square one, Pigs might fly, Brass Monkey Weather Go the extra mile

(e) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles:
(i) Our children go to __ School by the bus.
(ii) Is our mother working in __ old office building?
(iii) Their car does 150 miles __ hour.
(iv) My sister often stays at __ uncle’s house in the city.
(v) Last year we visited __ Rashtrapati Niwas and the Mughal Garden.

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