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High Court Manager Recruitment 2013 Previous Year (Paper 1)

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Ques. Authority, discipline, unity of command and unity of direction are :
(a) Mayo’s four principles of management
(b) Principles of the human relations movement
(c) Elements of Weber’s ideal bureaucratic structure
(d) Four of Fayol’s fourteen principles of management

Ques. __________ is characteristic of liquidity ratios.
(a) Organization’s ability to meet its current debt obligations
(b) Organization’s ability to meet the interest payment of debt
(c) How efficiently the firm is using its assets
(d) None of the above

Ques. Second stage of group formation is
(a) Forming
(b) Norming
(c) Storming
(d) Performing

Ques. ___________ is an individual’s capacity to influence decisions
(a) Span of control
(b) Line of authority
(c) Staff authority
(d) Power

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Ques. ___________  is the form of departmentalization that groups similar jobs and activities into departments
(a) A product structure
(b) A divisional structure
(c) A matrix structure
(d) A functional structure

Ques. In the communication process, to encode means to
(a) Interpret a code
(b) Translate ideas into a code
(c) Speak to large groups of people
(d) Block a pathway between the sender and the receiver of a message

Ques. A message is a signal that serves as
(a) Stimuli for a mass audience
(b) Noise reduction
(c) Stimuli for a speaker
(d) Stimuli for a receiver

Ques. Interpersonal communication occurs only when
(a) Three or more people are communicating with each other at the same time
(b) Intimate conversation takes place
(c) An individual interacts with another person as a unique individual
(d) An individual converses with people they have no interest in knowing

Ques. Interpersonal communication helps one
(a) To know about what others are thinking
(b) To communicate with the general public
(c) To become a talented public speaker
(d) To learn about oneself

Ques. Feedback is a listener’s
(a) Acceptance of a message
(b) Aversion to a message
(c) Verbal critique of message
(d) Verbal or non-verbal response to a message

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Ques. When a bank robber points a gun at a bank employee, his base of power is
(a) Punitive
(b) Coercive
(c) Positional
(d) Authoritative

Ques. Farhana is an honest and straightforward person. She believes her employees are all similarly honest and straightforward, ignoring signs that they may be manipulating her. What perceptual shortcut is Farhana most likely using?
(a) Contract effect
(b) Halo effect
(c) Stereotyping
(d) Projection

Ques. When managers have the mental ability to analyze and diagnose complex situations, they possess __ skills
(a) Technical
(b) Human
(c) Issue-based
(d) Conceptual

Ques. Which of the following statements best characterize self managed teams?
(a) Their team members often have low levels of job satisfaction
(b) Their team members prefer to work alone
(c) Their productivity is generally low
(d) They perform poorly during times of employee layoffs

Ques. Which of the following theory is proposed by Clayton Alderfer?
(a) Theory X and Theory Y
(b) Hierarchy of Needs
(c) ERG Theory
(d) Theory Z

Ques. Determining how tasks are to be grouped is part of which management function?
(a) Planning
(b) Leading
(c) Controlling
(d) Organising

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Ques. Ajanta believes that men perform better in oral presentations than women. What shortcut has been used in this case?
(a) The halo effect
(b) The contrast effect
(c) Projection
(d) Stereotyping

Ques. What sort of goals does Management by Objectives (MBO) emphasize?
(a) Achievable, controllable, profitable
(b) Tangible, verifiable, measurable
(c) Challenging, emotional, constructive
(d) Hierarchial, attainable, effective

Ques. Whichof the following would be least likely to pose a barrier to cross-cultural communication?
(a) Tone difference
(b) Word connotations
(c) Political correctness
(d) Differences among perceptions

Ques. Mr. Prahlad’s one day salary was deducted because of his uninformed leave, as he was already warned about this behaviour. It is an example of which method of shaping behaviour?
(a) Reinforcement
(b) Positive reinforcement
(c) Punishment
(d) Negative reinforcement

Ques. ________refers to the network of personal and social relations that is developed spontaneously between people associated with each other
(a) Formal organization
(b) Informal organization
(c) Business organization
(d) Non-governmental organization

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Ques. In which of the five stages of group development suggested by Tuckman and Jensen do groups build success in a cohesive and co-operative manner?
(a) Forming
(b) Storming
(c) Norming
(d) Performing

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