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50 Examples of Prefixes and Suffixes

Examples of Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefix and Suffix list:

Prefix Examples
a aseptic, asymmetrical
anti antibiotic, antifreeze
ab abnormal, absent
auto automatic, automobile
bene beneficial, benefit
Prefix Examples
bi bicycle, bicentennial
bio biology, biosphere
Prefix Examples
cent century, centurion
centi centimeter
circum circumference
co cooperate, coordinate
com compassion, combine
con connect
contra contradict

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Prefix Examples
deci decimeter
deca decagon
dia diagonal, diameter
dis dislocate, dismantle
Prefix Examples
eco ecology, ecosystem
equi equilateral, equilibrium
ex ex-wife, ex-president
Prefix Examples
hemi hemisphere
hyper hyperactive
Prefix Examples
im impossible
in incorrect
ir irresistible
inter interstate, international
Prefix Examples
magni magnify, magnificent
mega megaphone
micro microscope
mid midway, middle
mini miniskirt
mis misspell, misunderstand
mono monotheistic, monologue
multi multinational
Prefix Examples
non nonconformist, nonentity

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Prefix Examples
over overrun
Prefix Examples
pan pan-american
para parallel, parachute
penta pentagon
per perfect, pervade
poly polygon
port portage
post postpone, postgraduate
pre prepare, predict
pro progress, propel, profess
Prefix Examples
quad quadrilateral
Prefix Examples
re reconsider
Prefix Examples
semi semidetached semiprivate
sub submarine, submerge
super superman, supernatural

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Prefix Examples
tele telephone, television
trans transport, transplant
tri triangle, tricycle
Prefix Examples
ultra ultrasound, ultra light
un uneducated, unbearable
under underused
uni universal, unicycle
Suffix Examples
able available, believable, miserable
ary infirmary, honorary, imaginary
ation aviation, transportation, reservation
ance observance, observance, instance
ant reluctantant, protestant
Suffix Examples
dom freedom, kingdom, wisdom

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Suffix Examples
ent judgment, dependent, confident, silent
ence indulgence, independence, silence
ery slavery, pottery, lottery
er lecturer, manager, teacher
Suffix Examples
ible digestible, flexible, sensible
ise expertise, exercise
ion communion, complexion, opinion
ian comedian, electrician, politician
ition intuition, competition, repetition
ious furious, mysterious, rebellious
ize summarize, memorize

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Suffix Examples
less faithless, careless
Suffix Examples
ment attachment, disappointment, equipment
Suffix Examples
ness politeness, happiness, loneliness
Suffix Examples
ory observatory, laboratory, sensory
or creator, adjudicator, spectator
ous furious, joyous, nervous
Suffix Examples
sion abrasion, discussion, television
Suffix Examples
ture fixture, mixture, signature
tion election, production, education

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Suffix Examples
ure brochure, denture, moisture

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